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Many businesses rely on mission critical applications to provide them with the services necessary to perform their core business activities. The availability of an application can be influenced by any number of factors, namely server hardware failure or network component failure. Whilst failure of the server hardware or network components would take a standard hosting environment offline, our VMWare Cloud has been engineered to specifically target these threats so we can deliver predictable and consistent performance, all backed by a 100% uptime guarantee. Virtual machines can be migrated between the clustered servers that support the cloud in order to avoid any issues that have been detected, all whilst maintaining the state of your VM. By leveraging the latest technologies and hyperconverged enterprise cloud design, we have produced a system that guards against anything from hard disk failure to an entire server failure; we can assure you that your mission critical applications will be available all the time, 100% of the time, and that downtime will be a thing of the past.

Using our simple cost calculator, you can quickly build and order a VMWare Cloud hosting plan to suit your individual requirements.

Your customised order configuration

In order to provide advanced customised configurations that include three or more hard drives, we will need to put you in touch with one of our solutions experts who can help you to find and build the advanced configuration you require.

If you keep the third hard drive selected when you finish configuring this order, we will direct you to our contact page allowing you to contact a member of our team who will expedite your custom order. Your custom configuration will also be sent over.

Are you sure you do not require a backup plan?

Our R1soft Remote Backup plans takes all the hassle and worry out of backing up your valuable data by regularly, and automatically, storing a copy of your data on our secure, offsite backup facility that you can access at any time, should you need to.

For complete assurance and piece of mind, we recommend you consider one of our affordable Remote Backup plans to go with your cloud server. Would you like to choose a backup plan?

Total: £35.00 inc VAT
2 x vCPU
60 GB SATA 1
60 GB SATA 2
60 GB SATA 3
5,000 GB Bandwidth
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VMware Cloud Technical Whitepaper


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Technical documentation regarding VMware Cloud, virtualisation technology, and the benefits and drawbacks of the platform.



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