With each passing day, the number of spam e-mails one receives are increasing exponentially. Although there are some well known anti-spam solutions available in the market, most of them form a part of the e-mail system and do not have a separate cluster to scan e-mails. This is where eUKhost has gone a step ahead and implemented a top quality anti-spam filtering solution – SpamExperts. This unique solution is hosted on a cluster (and not on your server), with a filtering accuracy as high as 99.98%!

At eUKhost, we follow the latest technology trends and integrate these next-generation technologies into our web hosting services. This enables us to offer additional benefits to our customers and result in high customer satisfaction levels.

An external anti-spam solution offers diverse advantages, as compared to the default methods of dealing with spam, viruses and other threats to an e-mail environment. While there are some well-known and widely used applications, they do have certain limitations that are efficiently addressed by our Anti-spam solution.

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Benefits of SpamExperts
1. The central cluster filters millions of messages a day. New threats are found and quickly implemented throughout the cluster to immediately protect all users. It protects domains against spam, viruses, phishing, malware and other unwanted e-mails
3. It can be integrated into most of the popular control panels including cPanel, Plesk and many others. It is possible to login directly into the cluster control panel as a domain user
5. Should a server become unavailable, the cluster will queue all e-mail and will start a retry cycle. This cycle will last up to 4 days after which e-mail will be discarded. This allows us to offer higher availability on e-mail
7. Instead of licensing it per user, we chose to license it per domain. This makes our SpamExperts anti-spam solution very efficient and highly cost-effective
2. By virtue of dealing with such a huge number of e-mails every day, it's far more accurate than SpamAssassin. It can combine threats from different servers and protect other servers, based on the information it has seen along the cluster. We can provide a filtering accuracy level of 99.98%, with only a minuscule percentage, 0.0001% possibly marked as false positive
4. A white label solution for our Dedicated and Cloud Server Reseller clients is optional. This allows them to resell this product as a part of their own services, under their own name. We use a white labelled domain as default, and the hostnames of the servers always ending with *.cloudfilter.eu. Clients can choose to use their own domain, for example cloudfilter.customera.com
6. By using a centralised system, we are able to offload the server on which the actual e-mail server is running. This can lead to huge cost savings for the clients, or alternatively, they can use these resources for their websites instead
8. It's a clustered and load balanced solution. Since, uptime is an important aspect for business availability and continuity, we take great care in keeping this platform available. Our anti-spam solution is under constant monitoring by a specialised team

If you have a shared hosting plan with us, we'll set up SpamExperts for you as soon as we activate your order. If you have a VPS, Cloud or Dedicated Server with us, simply contact our support department should you need any assistance.

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