We provide a range of addons for our hosting services so that you can enhance your web hosting package to include extra features that deliver a fulfilling hosting experience. Our addons are tailoured to guarantee extra protection from many of the Internet's day-to-day threats, such as spammers and identity thieves.

Security Bundles

Get all the security add-ons you need for your website in one go with our affordable Security Bundles! Each bundle comes with an SSL certificate of your choice, MTvScan for your website, SpamExperts for e-mail protection and optional ID Protection for your domain. You'll save money too – up to 25% off compared to buying separately!

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SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are a must have for any website that accepts and processes personal and sensitive information. An SSL certificate will encrypt the data transmissions between your website and your visitors so that the information they enter will be protected from the prying eyes of hackers and eavesdroppers.

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Remote Backups

Remote backup can provide you with an added layer of protection in the event of data loss. Backing up your files to a remote location will guarantee their safety and integrity in the event of a serious issue or disaster at your primary hosting location.

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PCI Compliance

Where accepting online payments, it is crucial your website and hosting environment comply to PCI standards which govern the features required in a hosting environment to protect customer information. We have PCI DSS certified servers available specifically for customers in need of this type of environment.

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SpamExperts uses up-to-date virus definitions to sift through incoming emails to identify those with malicious intent. The SpamExperts system runs on a cluster separate to your main email system so can be guaranteed to provide a thorough service without impacting on the performance of your website.

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The security of your website is not just a consideration for you, but is something upon which brand trust is built. MTVScan can be used to perform a thorough scan of your website to identify potential security loopholes, so that actions can then be taken to tighten these up and protect your customers and yourself from any potential attacks.

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ID Protection

"WHOIS" is a publicly accessible database that logs the contact details of every domain owner on the Internet. With ID Protection, you can prevent your personal details from being logged and instead we will provide you with complete privacy by acting as the domain contact, but still passing on every communication to you.

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Server Monitoring

Have complete piece of mind with our advanced server monitoring service that gives you up to the minute updates about your servers' uptime, performance and health. Our monitoring solution checks your server's uptime, ping status and hardware performance, and instantly alerts you via e-mail or optionally via SMS, if a problem is found.

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