15 Tips to boost followers on your Google + page [Infographic]

15 Tips to boost followers on your Google + page [Infographic]


Ever since Google has rolled out its own social networking platform there is buzz in the industry about how can one make the most from it. Since there are many cues about Google using G+ as ranking factor it is one of most focused areas of online marketing.

Compared to other social networks Google Plus is quite different and has some great features too. And sheer number of users (currently about 359 million active users) makes it a great contender in the social sphere.

We are sharing some useful tips about gaining more followers on your Google Plus brand page:

1. Maintain a Personal Profile In Addition to Your Business Page to reinforce your business brand.
2. Post Valuable Content on Google Plus itself instead of your blog.
3. Add Relevant Users to Your Circles and they will follow you back.
4. Engage and Interact with your followers and provide valuable information.
5. Keep abreast with the latest trends and post about those.
6. Find influencers in your post ripples and add them to your circles.
7. Make use of Hangouts to portray yourself as an expert in your field.
8. Mention other users- It will make them add to the post.
9. Use Hashtags to increase reach and relevancy.
10. Embed your G+ posts in to your blog to gain more views.
11. Be consistent and regularly post updates to your page.
12. Share great content and images.
13. Showcase your page in your author bio and signature.
14. Add the Google + badge on your website.
15. Join and participate in relevant communities.

Tips to boost followers on Google

There are lots of things you can experiment with and make your brand more valuable on Google + and eventually increase your followers. So give it a try and see what works for your business.

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