403 Forbidden Error

December 6, 2006 / Industry News Tutorials Web Hosting

This error usually indicates that the webserver is refusing to fullfill your request.The 403 error can be caused due to many reasons these might be few of them.Some folder allow you to access and view the list of files.

The indexes are off on the servers.You can create a folder and as many files in it without the index file. The folder will not list files because the indexes are off. To avoid the 403 erro,r upload the index.html/htm or index.php file.

Error while accessing the files and folder, the permissions for the folder sholud be set to 755 only. The permission for the public_html should be set to 755 always for best performance.

A .htaccess file can be the cause of this error. A .htaccess file can be used to prevent hotlinking, ban certain IPs, turn off directory indexes, etc. If you run into a 403 and it is not your intention, look to see if you have a .htaccess file in your folders and rename it to something else that will solve the problem.

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