5 Predictions for Cloud Hosting in 2015

5 Predictions for Cloud Hosting in 2015

Cloud hosting has transformed the functions of hosting and the ways in which businesses store their data, share information, and allow employee collaboration. Many businesses that have adopted cloud-based services are now realising the economies of scale that arise from using a highly scalable infrastructure, giving them virtually limitless capacity. We will now investigate the direction we expect cloud hosting to go in during 2015.

1. More enterprises will move to cloud hosting

Professionals have made the prediction that 2015 will be the year of cloud hosting; it will become the benchmark for business hosting. Previously, those companies that were trying to avoid cloud hosting will ultimately have to accept the cloud or else they will fall behind. Research has shown that executives are willing to embrace cloud technology.

2. There will be fall in the prices of cloud hosting

A general feeling is that most of the cloud hosting providers will reduce their cost. This happens when competition increases, so the increase in competition will make the service providers to deliver better service. Price will not be the only factor that the service providers will focus on. Price along with additional features will be the prime focus of the service providers, for example cloud hosting with more storage space, reduced prices, scalability and high uptime.

3. eUKhost eNlight Cloud hosting will be the future

Recent trends in the market and customer preferences indicate that eUKhost will be known as an advanced cloud hosting provider in the coming years. The innovative eNlight Cloud provides secure and reliable virtualised environment, auto scalability, redundancy of network and hardware.

eUKhost, Robert King (MD) gave his directive to focus more on cloud and channelise his team to deliver more efforts on their trade mark product eNlight Cloud. He foresees eUKhost becoming global leaders in cloud hosting technology as eUKhost is already providing cloud hosting services to many large scale and medium scale enterprises. Also, the recent research and development on the eNlight Cloud model will help companies achieve splendid performance online for their product and services.

4. Common console for the 3 types of cloud

Public cloud: provides resources like data storage and software which is accessible over the internet. Virtualised environment over the public cloud are made using shared physical resources that are available over the public network. Public cloud can be deployed more quickly and have greater accessibility and scalability.

Private cloud:  All the benefits like automation, metered usage, self-service and consolidation are permitted to the customer of private cloud, but it is the under the protection of their firewall over their virtual private network.

Hybrid cloud: is a collective form of public and private cloud services in which a certain part of the critical data is housed in the private cloud that belongs to the enterprise and the other data resides and is retrieved from a public cloud. Hybrid cloud provides the reliability and scalability of the public cloud along with the control and security of the private cloud.

With the growing tools it will be possible to manage all these 3 types of cloud using a single console.

5. Security for cloud will be of prime importance

The amount invested to ensure security in the cloud will be increased even more in 2015. As new architectures in IT evolve, new challenges are faced by the developers among which security concerns tops the list. When compared to the traditional hosting, there are ways in which the cloud is more secure. The company would do a great deal like mergers and acquisition, Initial Public offer, and private equity fund so that investment can be generated and the majority of this money will be utilised for cloud security.

Whether 2015 will be a revolutionary year for cloud hosting only time will reveal? But not choosing a cloud hosting can harm your business as you might lag in the competition. Cloud hosting when compared to traditional hosting has many benefits.


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