5 Questions/Answers For The New gTLD Domain Extensions Registration For Your Website

5 Questions/Answers For The New gTLD Domain Extensions Registration For Your Website

5 Questions/Answers For The New gTLD Domain Extensions Registration For Your Website

Domain extensions are generally of type .com, .net for a website before a few years, but ICANN has announced from November 2013 to 2015  near about 617 new gTLDs to be launched to represent a specific brand website. From 1985 to 2012 only 22 new gTLDs have been launched, approximately there are more than 107,043,593 domains globally registered with .com extension and 522,049 websites are rated as top brands. 15,008,510 registered .net domain and 56,146 are the top websites with this TLD. 10,200,061 registered .org domain and 39,333 websites are in the list.

So, from the above stats you must have understood that with different domain TLDs millions of websites are representing their brands on the Internet for different purposes. And how can one get an already registered domain to get online? It is not possible to have already registered domain, but one can register the new gTLD released by ICANN to have a specific brand website at eUKhost from a vast collection of endless possibilities for the perfect domain name.

What are new gTLDs Domain Extensions?

The discussion on gTLDS and their benefits for the brand websites have reached the limit. Only 40% of Online marketers, brands and SEO experts have raised their hands to have a website with gTLDs, but there are a number of Internet-savvy professionals that still have questions about what they are, and how they will affect their website and brand?

The new gTLDs, are actually generic top-level domains with “dot-anything” protocol domain extensions that go beyond .com, .net, .org and the other domain endings with viable words. In the first half of 2012 large oragnisations have request ICANN to release brand specific TLD under their own brand name. Overall 1,930 applications have accepted and various types of brand-specific extensions, generic TLDs, Geo specific TLDs went live. For example .love, .shop, .app, .goog, .bmw, .aol, etc.

Many companies have tried but they couldn’t find a single applicant who will run the new gTLD for them and finally they decided to go for an ICANN auction, where most applicants do not want to do.

Why Should I think As a Brand?

All know .com is the only one king who has the power to rule the Internet. From Digital marketers to brand builders and SEO professionals know the value of a good domain name. Brand name in domain is what all needs to stand out in the searches, helpful to boost its position in organic search results to become the leader in deploying niche services. A website could be of any business, microsite, personal website, blog, forum, nothing without a pithy premium domain name.

gTLDS are prefect to represent,

  • Excellent Location
  • Community Building
  • Innovation
  • Product/ Services
  • Platforms

How a website can earn search engines benefits with the new gTLDs?

The job of search engine is to deploy exact results according to search queries, the recent algorithm updates have made viable changes in the search results. Search engines will continue to reward websites with high-quality content, user experience, website behaviour, domain authority and backlink nature. The search engine giant Google has already allowed users to search by domain extension in its advanced search feature. So, the new gTLDs are in the race search engines are interested in descriptive extensions to deploy highly-qualified audience website with specific brand gTLD.

How to measure the successful search of the new gTLDs?

“Search by extension” is arrived, in 21st century websites needs more traffic for their brands and near about all search engines, targeted consumers have begun to understand the magic of new gTLDs for a search experience, 27% rise in niche search engines. gTLDs have the potential to change search trend for any brand.

How to Register or Pre-register the new gTLDs ?

It is worth to spend on a domain TLD related to your brand before anyone else. You can register or pre-register the new gTLDs at eUKhost.   Pre-registration can help you to get the names before general availability. Registration of new gTLDs is an opportunity for marketers, brands, services, websites, SEO professional and large enterprises.


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