6 Important SEO actions necessary to achieve a good online influence

6 Important SEO actions necessary to achieve a good online influence

Long ago that social networks are no longer a voluntary aspect for SMEs .

Not a minor issue that we are moving towards a structural change in the paradigms associated with entrepreneurial innovation and, most important is to realize that only through the permanent exhibition and the influence that is obtained with the quality , is that relevance and achieves good rankings.

The arrival of Google + has introduced new ways of doing business and now we all know that if we want a successful business, you need to be exposed to the views of those who make the virtual universe.

Earn effectiveness and influence necessary actions are consolidated as part of innovation and value added, and social networks have been those who have allowed us to finally measure the return on our investments in the context of reputation.

But what are the 6 actions necessary to achieve a good influence?

Let’s visible

Not least the fact of being immersed in a cycle that only through word of mouth is that we can access better strategic alliances and our target audience. To ensure that users have access to our brand, it is essential to balance the quality of our content and actions that seek to optimize the tools now allow us to achieve influence.

Easy navigation

URL’s optimized loading speed, balanced advertising, premium content, homogeneous social profiles on social SEO activities and interacting simultaneously, is what gives us the ubiquity we need to be “visible” and this without doubt, is the first step to be influential.

Marketing today

Although he began the explosion of social networking marketing was still seen as a set of techniques designed to achieve penetration of our brand, today. This concept has undergone a steady evolution into the essence of online business. Today, beyond place, price, promotion and product, we have a scenario in which people build brands, marketing campaigns are in themselves.

The contents emerge in force and are at the heart of the strengths that underlie the marketing and obviously, the SEO and social profiles allowing visibility of our actions, are strong allies of online marketing in the era of Google +

The SEO simply essential

There is no doubt that SEO emerges strongly after the staging of the new Google Panda. An algorithm that takes into account the emotions associated with the need – which is ultimately based on what the marketing, advertising and obviously online businesses.

SEO focuses on achieving the optimization of our texts (whether the content we publish on our portal or corporate use texts to promote them) thereby achieving compliance with the precepts of Google and finally, an increase in the classification our brand within the target market.

SEO today has left behind such things as the density of the keywords used to focus on the homogeneity of our actions within the framework. This is precisely what allows us to optimize the new “gift” granted by a robot more human ubiquity. Thereby achieving to be present and exposed to a larger universe of users.

Learning and recycling, training was always present has arrived
There is no doubt that, linked to the quality of content (relevance of the authors) knowledge of the tools at our disposal (social networking) and new marketing strengths, is the new nature of entrepreneurial learning and where adaptation should be permanent if we stay within the dizzying pace that happens on the network.

Being in constant learning process allows us to make easier the understanding of the current network, thanks to this knowledge we will make more relevant and no doubt it is now possible to measure social influence and control what people say about our brand.

Essay – error, essential for today’s enterprise

Among the great strengths that underlie the current venture, we highlight the trivial side effects involving the establishment of strategies that can later be changed without involving more than a setback.

All passing through the new cycle for the consolidation of a brand we know that the constant staging of social frameworks of relevance, each with its specific operational but linked by the nexus of the new social SEO, forces us to be in constant self-learning process and empirical and is not a minor issue that, to achieve the acceptance of the trial – error is essential.

The influence is constructed with actions, how we use social networks is what makes them efficient platforms and the new cloud and hyper-connected ubiquitous that we walk today, more awareness essential to the ongoing effort that underlies in permanent action. Without error, no learning.

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