6 Quickly Growing Web Design Trends

6 Quickly Growing Web Design Trends

6 quickly growing web design trends

The web is evolving quickly and design is not far behind. There have been lot of changes and new technologies have been introduced that completely alter our image of a website.

Here we take a quick look at some of the growing trends in website design:

1) Minimal Content

When talking about landing pages and call to actions earlier there was lot of focus on stuffing lot of information and then directing the users to a product page. Now things are getting simpler and considering the use of responsive design and mobile browsing the focus is on sending a message across in a short text and a simple call to action. After all, who’s got the time to read so much!

You would be able to see this in the redesign of the eUKhost Website which is going to be live soon!

2) Parallax scrolling

With new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 designers are experimenting with various in-browser effects. You can have a slow moving background with a normal front and have a 3d effect while scrolling.

If done correctly it can provide a very unique user experience and give you a great looking website to wow your visitors.

3) Progressive Magazine Layouts

Progressive layouts are very appealing and quite a lot of new sites are now using it. It is very trendy and fresh.

A “progressive layout” is used to display a series of content which is supposed to be displayed on a website in a specific order. The layout is a substitute for the menu tab or navigation bar and allows users to browse through lot of information very easily.

The only trouble with such a design might be that it may not be easy to navigate as the layouts usually only have one direction.

4) More varied typography

There are various types of fonts and once can find the perfect font if you search enough but now people are experimenting with varied typography.

Using different fonts for verbs, adjectives and articles and increasing their impact is becoming a trend. You could also try multiple fonts to create a unique style.

Below is an example of how you can use varied typography to get a unique design.

Varied Typography- Web Design

5) Video Pages

Instead of adding videos on pages they are now being used as page backgrounds and specially on the homepage. These are becoming great storytelling ways for brands and increase engagement drastically.

6) Context-driven

User agent detection to know the users device, using location to tailor content, using their screen brightness to optimize the design are some of the ways to make your website more suitable and personalized for a user and drive engagement.

The web design landscape is evolving rapidly and embracing these changes would help you stay at par with what others are doing and where the industry is heading.

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