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7 Tips for posting on Forums- Infographic.

7 Tips for posting on Forums- Infographic.

7 Tips for Posting on Forums

Forums are a great resource for users who look out for information or want to get help with something. Marketers also use web forums for increasing their brand awareness and getting referrals.

Many people who are new to the forums do not know what to do after joining and how to go about posting a query which many times results in posting irrelevant questions or posting in wrong forums.

In order to avoid such cases and make forum posting easier for starters we have made this list of which helps you work your way around web forums and get help without getting banned.

Here is an Infographic about 7 tips for posting on forums:


1. Search first ask second

If you have a query it is always possible that someone has already posted about it and there is a solution present. So instead of posting the same query again you can use the search function and look up your query and still if you do not find the right solution then you can post a new thread.

  • Search the forum for your query
  • Refer to old posts
  • If not satisfied then post your thread

2. Find the right forum

There are many forums and subforums under the main forum and in order to get your post read and answered you need to make sure it is posted in the right category only.

  • Select the appropriate forum
  • Use Subforums
  • Post thread in relevant forums only

3. Know the rules

There are certain rules and regulations for posting on various forums and whenever you are posting for the first time it is suggested that you know the rules so that you don’t get infraction for posting irrelevant or inappropriate queries.

  • Read the rules before posting
  • Do not infringe upon any limitation

4. Think about your title

The title is what gets the viewer interested in reading the whole post and reply to it. If you want to get maximum attention then make sure that your title is relevant and specific. Do not just post one word titles or generic phrases like ‘Need advice’.

  • Have a clear and precise Title
  • Avoid generalized titles
  • Do not use 1 or 2 word titles.

5. Be detailed & Specific

When you want to post a query you should give out as much detail as possible so that the members can easily understand what you want to know or what problem you are facing and you may be given the correct solution. If you are conveying any type of information then be precise and if possible provide the source of information. And make sure whatever you post is legible and comprehensible.

  • Give as much detail as possible
  • Answer the rebuttals
  • Provide source where required

6. Use tags

Tags allow your post to show up with similar posts and make it easier to be discovered. This will not only help your post be found but also help in future to others who have the same problem.

  • Use relevant tags
  • Choose keywords wisely

7. Don’t spam

Lastly, forums are way of collaborating and communicating with others to discuss a common topic and find a solution. One must not simply copy paste something for the sake of posting and avoid spamming on the forums which would otherwise get you banned.

  • Do not copy & paste content
  • Do not simply post threads for self promotion

If you have any queries or want to discuss anything then feel free to post in our official forums and we will be happy to assist you!

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