9 Useful Browser Shortcuts that save your day! – InfoGraphic

9 Useful Browser Shortcuts that save your day! – InfoGraphic

Useful Web Browser Shortcuts

While we are all regularly using web browsers and know almost all the shortcuts and work arounds that save our time and also working a lot easier however, there are lot of tricks which most of the people are unaware of.

In this infographic you can find some great web browser shortcuts to make everyday browsing lot more fun and less of a hassle:

9 Useful Browser Shortcuts that save your day

Useful Browser Shortcuts:

1. A shortcut to any website

Whatever you type into the URL bar can be surrounded by www. & .com by pressing control + enter.

2. A shortcut to highlighting a URL.

Using CTRL + L will highlight the url/address bar in Chrome, Opera & Firefox.

3. How to do a reverse image search.

Press and Hold S and right click an image to do reverse image search in Chrome.

4. How to restore a closed tab in a browser.

Pressing Ctrl + Shift + T opens up the last tab you closed mostly by mistake. This is a godsend!

5. How to switch between open windows.

Using Alt + Tab key lets you switch between open applications easily.

6. Switch between Tabs.

You were thinking how useful switching between windows was; well you can also quickly switch between tabs without using the mouse at all.

Simply press Ctrl + Tab and you can easily move to the next tab in the browser.

7. How to stop a distracting GIF.

On most of the occasions pressing ESC will halt animated GIFs that are distracting.

8. Open an incognito window quickly

You might be aware of the Incognito, but it is tedious of go through the options to enable it. Instead Ctrl + Shift + N opens up an incognito mode tab on chrome browser quickly.

9. Clear cache with ease.

Press CTRL + SHIFT + R and then refresh the page. All the cache is gone.