Active Server Pages (ASP)

Active Server Pages (ASP)

Active Server Pages (ASP)

In computing, Active Server Pages (ASP) (Active Server Pages, usually abbreviated as ASP) are Web pages that contain, in addition to pure HTML code, scripts that are executed by the server runtime to generate the HTML code to send to your browser ( for this reason is generally defined as dynamic web pages). This makes it possible to display dynamic content (such as extracts from databases that reside on web servers) and change their appearance according to the rules programmed in the scripts, all without having to send the program code to the end user (who must be sent only the result), with considerable savings in time and bandwidth.

The languages used are VBScript and JScript for the Environment ASP and VB.NET, C # and J # for the ASP.NET environment (although the most widely used is just VB.NET). With these languages, the dynamic system can communicate with the server side all objects on the system, because the possibilities offered by the system is strongly oriented towards the interface with a corresponding database, thus making possible the development of dynamic sites based on information in database.

Active Server Pages (ASP) can interface with any database that has an OLE-DB or ODBC driver, such as Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Firebird, Sybase and many others.

Officially Active Server Pages (ASP) only work on the web server Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). But to those who use GNU / Linux, it is available an emulator that allows you to run the ASP code without rewriting the entire project but only a small portion of it. In the widely used web server Apache, for example, you can use syntax similar to Active Server Pages (ASP) by installing and configuring the module Apache: ASP running on the basis of Perl. Alternatively there is also a form generally known as ChiliASP (on which the form SJSASP, Sun Java System Active Server Pages, available on the website of SUN).

A feature much appreciated by users of the interpreter Active Server Pages (ASP) is a simple and understandable syntax of programming that makes the learning curve of this language a little steep. The ASP interpreter, however, presents some limitations, especially in performance.

Major competitors are ASP, PHP, which works very similarly, but with a syntax quite different from VBScript, and the combination of Perl and CGI, which is a mechanism not only integrated into the web page and thus more cumbersome to handle , but allows the programmer more flexibility.

Active Server Pages (ASP) has been officially abandoned, although continues to be supported and can run the latest versions of IIS, for ASP.NET, now at version 3.5, which lets you create web applications on Microsoft platform that can take advantage of advanced features and Above all, rely on an infrastructure far more advanced, what is offered by. NET Framework coupled with IIS 6.

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