Adding a Sub Domain in Plesk

Adding a Sub Domain in Plesk

Plesk Control Panel

Creating a Subdomain in Plesk Control Panel

Subdomains are domains that you can create under your hosted domain name; they take on the form of a new name as the forename, and then the second part of the address is your main domain name. Subdomains are a good way to section your website off into different parts if you are providing many different services, or if you want to give different parts of your website their own identity without the need for directories which can easily become very messy. Search engines can also favor subdomains in some situations because they see them as separate domain names, and will rate them above directories in most situations. If you are wanting to sell different products or services under the same company name, but don’t want the websites for each product to be collectively dumped under one domain name, then you should try and utilize subdomains within your website setup where possible.

Subdomains are basically address DNS records that have been automatically setup by Plesk to point back to the same server that your website is hosted on; however, you can also utilize the advance DNS settings feature if you wish to use subdomains but want to have the content that they are going to display or the service that they are going to be used for hosted on another server – this will be done via the setup of advanced address records and with the use of IP addresses of other servers through the Plesk control panel.

However, most people rarely use subdomains since they are seen as tacky by some and others prefer to just use the simple structure of directories when they are designing and building their website which they will then host within their Plesk shared website hosting account. The good thing with subdomains though, is that like directories you can choose what you want the name of the subdomain that you are setting up to be – this means that you can use subdomains for hosting absolutely any content you want.

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Creating a Subdomain

In order to create a subdomain for any domain that you have hosted under your shared Plesk website hosting account, you will navigate to the hosting control panel for the domain that you want to create a subdomain for. If you don’t know how to navigate to your hosting control panel for the domain that you want to create a subdomain, then you should refer to this article since it contains the information on how to reach the section of Plesk in question and many other tutorials related to Plesk that you might find helpful. Once you have reached the hosting control panel for the domain that you want to create the subdomain for, you will need to select the ‘subdomain’ icon:

You should then reach the following screen:

Subdomains in Plesk
As you can see, from the subdomain section of Plesk you are able to utilize the following subdomain related features which ensures that you are able to make the most of them:

  • tools – using the option in this section, you are able to create subdomains under the domain that you have chosen when entering the hosting control panel, which means that you can make the most of this Plesk feature, for example to split your website up into different sections
  • subdomains – under this section you can manage any subdomains that you have previously created under the chosen domain name, allowing you to delete them and sort them alphabetically in ascending and descending orders if you have many to manage.

In order to enter the subdomain creation process, you will need to select the following icon from the ‘tools’ section of the page that you are on:

Add new subdomain
Once you have clicked that icon, you should then be presented with the following page:

Plesk Subdomain Setup
You will need to choose the type of file hosting that you want to use for your new subdomain, and you have two different options that you are able to choose from dependent on what you want:

  • physcial hosting – if you choose physical hosting for your new subdomain, then the contents of the subdomain will be contained in a folder that is separate from the main website root, which also means that you are able to customize the hosting environment for the new subdomain that you are creating
  • subdomain subfolder – although you are able to customize the hosting environment with this type of subdomain, the contents are hosted in folder that is located in the root of your main website, which does have the ability to create some problems to an extent.

The main components that you are able to customize are:

  • subdomain (circled red) – this is the name that you want to give the actual new subdomain
  • site home directory (circled green) – this is the directory in which you want the contents of the new subdomain to reside
  • services (circled blue) – you are able to configure the individual services that you want to use with your new subdomain.

Create a Subdomain
Once you click the ok button, you should be presented with a screen hopefully confirming that your new subdomain has been successfully created and is ready for use! One thing to note is that subdomains can take a while to work globally since the DNS has be updated so that they can actually be accessed publicly from the internet.

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