Adding an Email Account in Plesk

Adding an Email Account in Plesk

Plesk Control Panel

Adding an Email Account in Plesk Control Panel

Plesk is a control panel which is used by many web hosts to provide their customers with Windows and Linux based hosting solutions so that they can easily serve their websites to their audiences, but at the same time provide their employees and colleagues with email solutions so that they are able to communicate with each other effectively and conveniently without the need for memos or any other type of paper based communications. Email is being increasingly used by people in today’s internet connected society to allow them to communicate almost instantly, and share other things such as computer files without the need for having to be face to face, which without emails people would have to be since there is no other electronic way to transfer computer files almost instantly; this means that you can communicate with someone on the other side of the world to you almost instantly without the need for having to be close to them, although something of this scenario is achievable with phone conversations.

Many companies are increasingly using electronic based communications such as emails to allow them to communicate with customers in many different areas; for example many companies are now providing customer support with the use of emails, and you are now also able to receive invoices for any purchases you have made whether they have been face to face or over the internet to your email address which means that you only have to print the invoice off if you need to, which means that the company from which you have received the invoice is saving in paper because in most cases people would throw the invoice away.

If you do not currently use emails within your company, then you should try and deploy some sort of email solution for your employees as appropriate, since you could improve your sales and customer satisfaction if you are able to provide your customers with email based support and sales advise, since it is one thing which many companies fail to provide; you might also be able to improve your employee production if they are able to communicate with each other more conveniently in a much quick fashion.

Unlike other forms of communication, you are normally able to store emails for as long as you want meaning that you are able to refer back to them in the future if needs be; you can also access them whilst mobile if needed since most new mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDAs have some sort of built in email application that allows you to download your emails from your email server as well as allowing you the ability to create and send emails whilst on the move, just so long as you have the appropriate mobile signal.

One downside with emails when compared to other forms of communication is that you can be easily targeted by spammers, which means that you will receive many unwanted and useless emails in your email inbox which you might not necessarily have asked for – although these emails might not do any harm, they can be very annoying and their contents can prove very disgusting and in some cases worrying; for example some spam emails request that you provide certain details to someone since there is a cash reward awaiting you – if you provide details then they will most likely be used for identity fraud and the cash reward that you have been promised probably doesn’t even exist – at the end of the day, the same message has probably been sent to thousands or even millions of unsuspecting people.

Spam however can be easily stopped with the use of anti spam programs, such as those that are normally installed on Plesk based web hosting servers; for example SpamAssassin is one of the best known free server side spam solutions and is used by many web hosts to help stop spam on most Windows and Linux based web hosting servers. You can also consider downloading a third party spam application that should scan any emails which you download into your desktop email browser; in some cases these can prove to be more effective than server side ones since most are more specific with the rule sets that they use to catch spam emails.

Adding an Email Account

Creating an email account in the Plesk control panel is a fairly simple process, although there are certain options that you should try and custom configure when setting up the email account in question. As previously mentioned, most web hosts utilizing Plesk allow you to use the SpamAssassin installation on the server on which your website resides to scan your incoming and outgoing email to ensure that none of it is spam; in some cases you are also able to use the server’s anti-virus to scan your incoming emails to ensure that you aren’t receiving any emails that contain malicious threats which you damage your computer and even steal any data that it happens to hold. To start off with, you will need to navigate to the mail control panel for the domain that you want to alter by selecting the mail icon on the domain’s hosting control panel:

Plesk Mail
You should then reach the following screen:
Plesk Email

If you are unable to navigate to the hosting control panel for your domain, then please refer to this article which will discuss how to reach there; once there, you will be able to create and manage email accounts.

Once you have reached the email control panel, you will need to select the ‘Add New Mail Name Option’:

Add new mail
You should then reach a screen where you will be asked to enter the following details to aide in the creation of the email account:

  • mail name (circled red) – this is what you want the name of the email address to be, the domain for which you are creating the email account should follow the text box preceded by the ‘@’ email symbol
  • password (circled green) – it is important to ensure that you password protect your email account as to make sure that no one is able to gain unauthorized access to your emails
  • control panel access (circled blue) – this is something which doesn’t need to be set unless you want to enable the person for which the account has been made for to manage their email account, it is not a factor that affects the running of the email address
  • mail box quota (circled purple) – you should only set this if you want to put a limit on the amount of space out of your overall web space that you want to allow an email account to use, if you select unlimited then the account will be able to use up as much web space as you have left.

Plesk Mail Name
Once the email account has been created, you should then be taken to the mail control panel where you are able to manage the following features and aspects of the new email account:

  • add new alias (circled red) – using this option you can create more aliases for which you want to be used with the email account concerned, any emails sent to an alias will be received under the email account for which the alias has been created
  • preferences (circled green) – you can use this option if you want to manage factors such as the actual name of the email account as well as the password that you want to be used to access it
  • mailbox (circled blue) – if you disable this option then the email account will no longer have a physical presence on the server which it resides, in this case you could then only use it as forwarding address
  • redirect (circled purple) – if you enable this option then you will make any emails that are sent to the email account concerned be redirected to another email address of your choice
  • auto-responder (circled pink) – if you enable this option then any emails that are sent to the account concerned will receive an automatic reply which you decide on yourself when enabling the feature.

Plesk Mail
Congratulations – you have just created and configured your first email account through Plesk!


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