Advantages of Hyper-V cloud solution

Advantages of Hyper-V cloud solution

Microsoft Hyper-V is also known as Windows Server Virtualization it is nothing but a hypervisor-based virtualization wth differnt versions and editions of Windows Server 2008. The working of Hyper V is simple and it has easy features to maintain different isolation in terms of a partition. A partition is a logical unit of isolation which is been supported by the hypervisor in which operating systems execute. A hypervisor instance has to have at least one parent partition, running Windows Server 2008. In virtualization enviorment of Hyper V differeent stack runs in the parent partition and they have direct access to the hardware devices. Then child partions are been created to which host the guest OSs. An application programming hypercall API can cretes parent partition Hyper-V.

In simple words A hyper visor sits between the physical hardware and the host operating system and enables the physical hardware to be virtualized and therefore can run multiple operating systems. With different advantages like, Hyper V provides benefits to all from web hosting service providers to customers specially when it is being used for the hosting of Windows Server 2008 based VPS servers. Increase in performance from existing VPS server with Hyper V platform makes more beneficial for a webmaster. More features then virtuozzo for managing a VPSs server.

Hyper V cloud hosting solutions include:

  • Virtualization and automation.
  • Interchangeable resources such as servers, storage and network.
  • Management of these resources in administrative role.
  • Elastic scale up or down capability to respond to business demands.
  • Applications and development tools that can truly scale out.
  • Focus on the service delivered to the business.

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