Alternatives for Server Virtualization

Alternatives for Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization is a technology used to partitioned a physical dedicated server into small mini-dedicated servers and creates a virtual environment. The machines running in a virtual environment are also known as Virtual Private Servers.

Using the server vitualization technology, infrastructure can be strengthen, optimze utilization, total cost can be reduced and improves the longtivity of a business.

With server virtualization technology, in the virtual environment multiple operating systems and softwares can be used on a single processor based platform. The server resources can be allocated to meet specific business and web application requirements. Today, server virtualization softwares supports a variety of features, which makes the server management easier. It helps in improving security, robustness and ability of server. It also boosts server performance and uptime.

There are a plenty of server virtualization softwares available on the market. Some of them are quite affordable and free and some are bit expensive. In order to decide which server virtualization software meets your requirements, you need to know the types of server virtualization softwares.

Free Virtualization Softwares:

Virtualbox: Its an free open source, easy to use and excellent for testing environments.

KVM: This a linux based virtualization technology has a built-in kernel module, which is supported by most of the Linux distributions.

Xen: It is a hypervisor virtualization software application, which can be used to run long term virtual environment.

OpenVZ: It is also a software virtualization technology, free and open source a competitor of Virtuozzo.

Premium Virtualization Softwares:

Vmware: This is one of the most promising and popular virtualization technology offering both small business and enterprise versions.

Oracle VM: This technology is completely based on Xen.

Microsoft Hyper-V: This is a hardware virtualization technology designed only for Windows.

Parallels Virtuozzo: It is a software virtualization technology designed for virtual private server.

First you need to understand the exact functioning and purpose of each virtualization technology and decide which server virtualization software meets your requirements and opt accordingly.

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