Amazing Traffic Tips #1 Top Quality Unique Content

Amazing Traffic Tips #1 Top Quality Unique Content

What is Top Quality Unique Content?

Great top quality unique content rules the internet. Top quality unique content will set apart your website from other competitors on the web. Without top quality unique content, your website will not stay alive for too long, as the search engines will, one day, definitely take them away from their active databases. On the contrary, an absolutely great web page that has absolute top quality unique content will not just rule Google and other search engines, but will be loved by the website visitors.

Importance of the Content

The top quality and unique content is the lifeline of any website. It is the heart of internet marketing. To attract visitors and customers to your website your need good content, whereas to make the revisit your site on multiple occasions, you need to have great content. So, what is a great content?

The content that adds more knowledge is a great content. The content that also helps solve the reader’s problem is also great content. The content that is unique, free of errors, fresh, has great flowing writing style, has short and simple sentences and paragraphs, the content that is easy to read and understand is also a great content.

Your top quality unique content and using good relevant keywords should fulfill the above attributes and can also fulfill your financial dreams too. The power of such content can bring you popularity that know no borders and wealth that knows no boundaries. If you update your site regularly, your website will rise to the top of the search engines. Regularly updating your content will bring you mammoth web traffic and customers if your site has products to sell.

You need not write content that are award-winning articles every time. Top quality unique content can also be a simple article that really helps your visitors to learn more about a topic in a friendly way. It can be written in simple sentences, which are, of course, free of grammatical errors. The writing style should flow freely without breaking away from the topic. Your article should be able to keep your readers glued to the text without losing their interest from the beginning to the end.

The quality of your article should be powerful enough for the readers to come back to your site again for more knowledge. The article should be able to make the reader stop and think in amazement at the sheer quality that it portrays. This is the highlight of a top quality unique content! The web surfers quest for quality reading material should end at your web pages, and should begin a new bond there. A good content will turn your visitors into friends of your website. Quality content will definitely bring them back to the site again and again.

Having such a good appealing website filled with relevant high quality content will also bring you some special visitors. These are in the form of search engine crawlers. The search engines will acknowledge your site as a master or authority site, because of the great top quality unique content. As the content possesses inherent ability to attract visitors, it will naturally attract all the top search engines attention also.

Search engines can recognize good relevant content and will add it to their databases. When your content has relevant keywords, the pages can be displayed in the search engines top result pages. This, in turn, will bring in more web traffic to your site continuously. Your site will be extremely popular on the internet because you took care to fill it with great top quality unique content.

So, how do you write top quality unique content?

Writing top quality unique content needs good knowledge of your topic, as well as knowing how to write well! You can write on any topic that you may wish. But, to make your website popular on the internet, you can do an initial research and find out which topics are extremely popular, and are also able to generate money. In this series of Amazing Traffic Tips, I will be sharing with you the knowledge of finding wealth-generating popular niche topics. As that topic is also extremely important for the success of your website, it automatically demands writing at least one separate article describing the method to find those niche markets!

Well, coming back to the present topic, doing relevant research and finding great informative niche articles is the first requirement if you want to write great content in your relevant niche. The internet can help you in this regard. The internet is filled with more than enough material on every topic that you can think of. Of course, the quality can range from poor to the highest quality, so, you need to perform more research to find out which is accurate and reliable. This task again is made simple by looking at the quality of the website the content resides on.

Normally, an authoritative site will be ranked highly by all the search engines like the Google, Yahoo, and MSN. There would be many other good and highly ranked website recommending it. It will be linked back by many websites making it very popular. There will also be great traffic to such a website.

One such example of a great authoritative website is the Wikipedia. It has arguably the best and most reliable content that can be found on the internet. Although the website is free to browse, the content is not free to copy. Wikipedia does also have its fair share of misinformation, therefore any content your wish to research should also be rechecked using other reliable websites.

If you search for a particular keyword or key-phrase in the top search engines, the best and authoritative websites are usually found on the first or second result pages of the search engines. These quality sites occupy the top spots in the search engine result pages (SERPS), because they have great information on those particular pages, and also the pages are optimized for the searched keywords. Apart from that, normally these web pages and their parent website has been on the internet for a long time, collecting good response from other websites by linking to them because of the great content.

These top web pages usually have the content that you need to study. But, remember that many sites that are not so authentic and have reliable content can also appear in the top SERPs due to variety of reasons. So again, please take care and do additional research to collect authentic material for your website.

Copying Content from Other Website

Once you have researched your niche topic, you should begin writing it in a systematic way. Write the content, or get it written by others for you, and maintain an absolute uniqueness to make it search engine friendly. Please remember that you should not copy any other article on the internet. You can read those great articles or content for research purpose only and understand their expert theme. If those websites graciously allow you to copy their content, you are at least required to do so by fulfilling their related guidelines. So, please read the guidelines in this regards and absolutely follow them.

Even if you get permission to copy those articles, please remember that the exact copy will, nevertheless, become a duplicate material because the original content is present elsewhere and indexed previously by the search engines. Your copy, therefore, will likely be banned or sidelined (cached) by the major search engines duly, and because of this reason, your web page will not appear naturally in the SERPs to the searchers.

We will also see later how to find if there is too much competition for your niche topic and also for your top keywords. This will positively influence your success on the internet.

If there is plenty of competition for your niche topic and keywords, then your website will not be able to rank higher in the SERPs. Subsequently, you will have to work very hard to overcome your competition’s higher ranking in the top search engines. The first case results in poor web traffic to your website. The second case will require you to adopt better search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Hence, at the planning stages, you will have to look at various reasons like:

  • choosing the niche theme
  • choosing the domain name
  • web hosting company
  • choosing the platform for your site (that is, whether to use a blog or HTML-based static website)
  • choosing the keywords for each web page
  • its keywords density
  • scripts
  • SEO techniques (for both on-page as well as the off-page optimization)
  • getting back links
  • which tags to use
  • design aspects, and
  • Choosing to use various other optimization techniques.

You will also have to consider whether your website needs experts to write and develop it further for design and development of your website and its content, advertising campaigns, and marketing campaigns. But, whatever method you choose, the content will always demand your complete efforts to make it unique, fresh, relevant, and top quality.

We have just skimmed through the topic on how to get top quality unique content. In the forthcoming articles, we will see what the Keywords and Key-phrases are and where to use them in your content. We will also see how to measure the keyword density, and other relevant things that will enable your content to really succeed in the SERPS. This will also enable your article to attract targeted traffic. Remember, the top quality and unique content is what a website is all about. Its success on the web totally depends on this important aspect – Content is King, and top quality unique content rules the web!

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