Amazing Traffic Tips #2 – Serious Keyword Research

Amazing Traffic Tips #2 – Serious Keyword Research

Serious Keyword Research

Amazing Traffic Tips: If you are a webmaster and wish to optimize your web pages you must conduct a proper and serious keyword research.

Conducting a serious keyword research and then using the best set of keywords or key-phrases that are relevant to your content and theme of the web page in appropriate keyword density will definitely help your website in the SERPs. In this article, we are going to learn the importance of performing a serious keyword research that can not only help your web pages rise higher in the SERPs, but will also drive targeted web traffic to your web pages.

What are keywords and why you must do serious keyword research?

Keywords and key-phrases are those set of words that are typed by web searchers in the search engine’s search box to find specific things, information, products, and services.Keywords and key-phrases are amazing traffic tools that bring web traffic easily to your website.

These keywords usually describe the content of a web page, and these keywords are stored in the search engine’s database. For example, your web page describes may contain content on tips for dog training, and your keywords are dog training tips, puppy training, dog potty training. These keywords — actually key-phrases, simply because each one is made of phrases are stored in the search engine’s databases and are displayed to the searchers on the SERPs if they type similar phrases in the search box.

SERPs are the search engine result pages that are displayed by the search engines (SEs) when the user types the search string. These SERPs are relevant to the typed search strings. People usually type any combination of keywords while searching. But, when they use some selective strings, for example, the company’s name or the product’s name or even request the cost of the product, then they are using some highly powerful keywords.

These specific high quality keywords are focused keywords that help them find the products similar to yours that they usually wish to buy. For an online merchant who wishes to drive this targeted web traffic to his products pages, he must use such powerful keywords or key-phrases on the webpages. This will index these webpages on these powerful keywords in the search engines databases, and then will be displayed to the searcher as SERPs when he types these search strings.

Hence, such high quality keywords are essential for the success of your web page. Such keywords play an important part in optimization of the web pages, and also to drive targeted web traffic to the web pages on which these keywords reside. To know which keywords are used by the searchers to find products, the webmaster must do serious keyword research. There are many tools and techniques to easily perform serious keyword research.

Keywords are very important from the search engine optimization (SEO) perspective. Keywords are more important elements than other elements such as the title, description, Meta tags, alt tags, H1, H2, etc. on the web page. The keywords are the connecting factor between the searchers using the search engines and your web page.

To find out which search strings are used by the web searchers to find products you must seriously do keyword research. Keyword research is the cornerstone of your web page’s SEO campaign.

To make your web page highly visible in the search engines result pages, a serious keyword research is an absolute must. A serious keyword research is the process to find what your prospective buyers are typing in the search engines search boxes to find products similar to yours. To understand how serious keyword research can help you financially, here is a hypothetical scenario:

Suppose that you are selling video games and earning $20 as commission for each sale. If, through keywords research you find exactly what search phrases the searchers are typing to find your niche products. With this knowledge of the search phrases, you then create web pages with those keywords with the correct keyword density and a highly effective sales description of your product.

You should use only one or two key-phrases for each web page. You can also create many more web pages describing the same product, but with other keywords or key-phrases that are found using the keyword research. This will create a multi-pronged campaign for your product using different keywords and content describing the same product.

With the help of superior SEO techniques, you should then optimize these web pages so that they rank very high in the SERPs.

If possible, using more SEO techniques, help these web pages appear in the first 10 result positions in the search engines for the given keywords. If all other factors are well taken care of, for example, a great content, a great conversion technique to convert the targeted traffic into customers, and then retaining those customers to sell more products, your web page will easily make you a small to large fortune.

For the above example, with every sale per day, you can make a $20 profit. If you are able to sell 1 more product due to using these techniques, your profit doubles.

Imagine, if you are able to sell mere 10 or 25 or even 100 products more every day! The above techniques can create many such productive web pages and sell the same product to people who have typed different keywords. You have thus effectively captured a major share of your niche market and sold more products because you have done your research and chosen to create different effective web pages.

Serious keyword research for beginners:

  • First, start your favorite web browser, and type the web address: freekeywords(dot)wordtracker(dot)com
  • Replace the (dot) with the . in the above URL.
  • In the Keyword box type your keyword.

For example, type dog training and press the Hit Me button. You will get various keywords associated with your keyword, usually 100 for this free keyword tool. The top 6 or 7 keywords show that they are returning more than 150 searches per day. Select these keywords and create your web pages based on these keywords. Use 1 or 2 keywords per web page.

You can also find more relevant keywords or key-phrases if you change the primary keywords slightly. These keywords are being searched daily and are quality keywords that can transform the visitors into paying customers. Then check how many SERPs are displayed for each keyword or key-phrase. You can use Google or Yahoo to search these keywords.

In Google, the key-phrase hunting dog training without the quote-marks returned 548,000 results, where as the same key-phrase enclosed in the quote-marks resulted in just 84,400 results. This small figure indicates that this key-phrase, if used with proper SEO techniques, has the ability to display your web page in the top 3 SERPs. This position can result in getting a few clicks from the searchers.

If you are able to get your web pages in the top 5 results, then it can get your web page massive traffic almost every day. This is how you perform a simple keyword research and use the results in optimizing your web pages to get targeted web traffic.

To tell you the fact, some of the keyword research tools, especially the free ones are notorious for giving wrong data. Hence, you are advised to use only the best research tools that are available on the internet. Or, you can judge for yourself which research tool is the best by searching for their reviews. Read plenty of reviews and form your judgment. These reviews will definitely reveal to you the true worth of every keyword research tool.

The following are some of the best keyword research tools to help you determine which of your keywords are being searched how many times over a period of time:

Overture Keyword Selector tool: This great tool gives you the total number of searches conducted over the past month for a given keyword or key-phrase. But, one problem with this otherwise great tool is that it does not differentiate between singular and plural forms, and gives the result only under the singular category.

Trellian Keyword Discovery Tool: This is not free for use. This tool gives the market value of the keyword, the number of times a keyword is searched daily. It also identifies the common spellings and misspellings. This tool also gives you the seasonal trends of the keywords.

WordTracker Keyword Research Tool: This keyword research tool is also not free. This tool helps you to determine the activity of the keyword periodically, and the keyword popularity among the competitors. This can help you determine how hard it will be to use the particular keyword for ranking purpose. It can also reveal which keywords have high relevancy but low competition rates.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool: Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool gives you excellent details free of cost. You can now use it with confidence for your Adwords advertising campaign.

The newly modified tool from the greatest search engine itself gives you almost all the information that you may want to know for your serious keyword research campaign. It can show you the estimated advertisement position, estimated average CPC, show search volume trends, shows the month when the highest volume occurred, and the advertiser competition.

These are few important tools that can be utilized as a part of your serious keyword research. It is possible that by doing this research time and again, and using the resultant keywords wisely, your website can become one of the best revenue generating websites over the internet. Serious keyword research will help your website’s SEO tactics massively.

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