Amazing Traffic Tips #3 Keep Adding Good Content

Amazing Traffic Tips #3 Keep Adding Good Content

What is Good Content?

These traffic tips will give you an idea of how to keep adding good content to your website. Good content is that content which is relevant, unique, fresh, useful to the readers, and error-free content. A good content should have words between 250 and 750. A content of this length is liked by all the readers. Any content that is lengthier can also be a good article if it fulfills the other criteria.

There is another meaning to good content from the search engine optimization (SEO) view point. In Google search engine alone, more than two billion searches are done every day globally. Hence, if you build more web pages with good, fresh, unique, and relevant content to the theme of your website, your web pages will stand a better chance of being found by the searchers.

All the pages created by you daily will surely have different keywords and key-phrases. If these keywords are selected by doing serious keyword research, then these web pages can be found in the top search engine result pages (SERPs).

Almost all the search engines prefer websites that are updated regularly. Such web pages that are created or updated daily with fresh unique content gets ranked fast by the search engines, and therefore, your website will also get regular web traffic. With this regular web traffic, your web pages can generate more money through Google Adsense and by selling products and services to the visitors.

Add at least one new web page to your website per week and write unique and fresh content. This method will easily add more than 50 new web pages per year. To really make a huge difference in making your website rank higher in the search engines and also making it popular on the internet, you must add as many articles as possible. These articles should be relevant and unique.

Your articles should also be written with the aim of giving much valuable information to your niche market. Such websites and their web pages are always preferred and liked by all the visitors to your website.

You must learn to write useful and high quality content on your website. This art of writing can be learnt free by studying the top article submission websites like the,, and many such popular sites. You will find plenty of articles showing you how to systematically write great content. No doubt, this art is hard to learn, but practice makes the man (and also the woman) perfect!

You can also hire ghost-writers, article-writers, and content writers on popular forums in your niche. For a small fee, these writers and freelancers can write articles and content on your website.

If your website also has a popular niche forum or a blog, then every new comment or post by your forum members will be new and fresh content. Take care that the comments and posts are relevant and useful. Delete any spam comments and include only quality content on your website. This will also attract more visitors to your website.

If you have sets of PLR articles, then select those articles that represent your niche. Then carefully rewrite all of them. By using websites like the Copyscape, you can convert these into unique articles.

You can also visit good websites that share your niche market and read the content present on those sites. That will give you inspiration to write well on your website.

Remember that by adding good, unique, and relevant content frequently will make your website and your readers very happy. Everyone loves to read fresh content. So, if you do not keep adding content to your website regularly, people may just get bored with your website because they do not find fresh new articles. Keep your content unique, fresh, and updated to bring in repeat visitors to your website.

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