Amazing Traffic Tips #5 Improve Your Web Page Title

Amazing Traffic Tips #5 Improve Your Web Page Title

Improve Your Web Page Title

Improve your web page title to attract more visitors. Search engines now-a-days are increasingly becoming dependent on the web page title to produce the result of the search string typed by the web searchers in their search boxes.

As more and more web surfers are using the search engines to find answers to their queries and the search engines have to produce fast results, they the search engines rely on the web page titles in their databases. Hence, your web page title should reflect the theme of your page content.

The web page title is one of the most important factors in increasing the visibility of your page in the search engine results.

Normally, the searchers will look at the web page title in the search engine results and decide which page to visit. Hence, the title should always be extremely relevant to their search string. The web page title also must include the best keyword or key-string relevant to your content to help your search engine optimization campaign.

A great web page title having both an attractive title, as well as the best keywords will likely succeed in getting the searcher to your website. So, from the visitor’s point of view, it is your web page title that helps decide visiting your web page.

There are some excellent guidelines that you should follow to make your web page search engine optimization (SEO) compatible as well as a strong call-for-action to click your link for the searchers.

The first, obviously, is that the web page title should reflect the theme of your content, and it should also contain the best keyword or key-phrase that describes the content. To really rank well in the search engine result pages (SERPs), you should not have more than two instances of the keyword in the title, because then the title looks unnatural, both to the visitors and the search engines.

Try and place the keywords in the first half of your title to be more effective. Also, the words in the web page title should have initial capitals to make a professional impact on the readers. For example,

Weight Loss Your Key To Better Health!

Here, weight loss is the key-phrase, and it begins the web page title. When the searcher types his query in the search engine looking for weight loss, this type of title attracts his attention immediately. The rest of the title gives him more information about what he can expect to read on your web page.

3 Proven Plans For Quick Weight Loss

Again, weight loss is the key-phrase, but the Proven Plans have more psychologically magnetic effect and attract the readers attention and make them click on your link. The searcher here knows that your web page is about 3 plans that can help him quickly and effectively reduce his obesity.

Dog Health Problems | Dog Health Care

Now, this title is interesting. Even if the title does not have the 2 words, dog and care, next to each other, still it comes up in the search result for the searched tag dog care, with or without the quote marks. It is because the web page creator has shrewdly included the dog care in the Meta tags on the web page:
<meta name=”keywords” content=”Dog Care” />

The above example proves that the meta name=keywords content=Your Keywords can impact the search engine results. The keywords dog care also appears not once but twice in the meta name=”description” content=.. on the same web page source code. Therefore, the search engine displays the web page title, even if the keywords in the title are not next to each other.

These are some of the SEO methods that you can use to choose your web page title effectively.

But, even if you have a great web page title, it should be supported by a great content on the web page and plenty of quality links from relevant web pages, preferably from quality and authoritative web site. Why do we need the quality back links? Well, without those back links, great content and other SEO factors, your web page is not going to be present in the top SERPs. It is as simple as that!

Unless your web page is in preferably the top 3 SERPs for your keywords, people are not going to look exclusively for you in the following SERPs. So, get those back links from authoritative and relevant websites.

This is unavoidable part of good SEO tactics. So, a great web page title needs other SEO factors to be completely effective. Of course, even if you are unable to get great back links pointing to your web page, still you must have SEO compatible web page title.

How to get the title tag on your web page?

As seen earlier in this article, the title tag is one of the most important meta tags, if not the most important of all. The title tag forces the visitor’s browser to display your page’s title tag in the title bar. The code of the title tag in your web page source code, in its HEAD section, is as follows:

<html><head><title>Your Title String With Keywords</title>

(Replace Your Title String With Keywords with your actual title tag.)

Take care that your title does not contain all capital words. They look unprofessional and seem like shouting out at the readers.

To view some of the best web page titles in your niche topic or any other niche, search for any string in the search engines. Then select the best looking titles in the SERPs. When you select those titles, ask yourself silently why you liked that title. When clicking on the link, also think what reasons prompted you to click.

By doing this analysis, you will understand how an effective title is written. Then write down all the powerful titles that you come across. You can create a powerful database of such great titles, opening paragraphs, closing paragraphs, and even some of the general sentences that are used to highlight the topic.

These factors can be used to create great content and web pages in future. Of course, soon I shall be writing extensively on more tips on improving web page title. With that, we will see all the topics that help improvement of your web page title, web content, your SEO efforts, link popularity and advertising campaigns, and increase the web traffic to your web pages.

If you want people to find your web pages in the search engines and visit your website then you must have a greatly improved web page title. Improve your web page title to attract amazing amounts of traffic of web visitors.

If you want them to like your web pages, even buy your products and services, and come back for more, then you must first have a relevant and search engine optimized web page title. So, having a good web page title is an important reason that decides the success of your web page.

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