Amazing Traffic Tips #6 Advantages Of Paying For Web Traffic – Part 1

Amazing Traffic Tips #6 Advantages Of Paying For Web Traffic – Part 1

Advantages of Paying for Web Traffic Part 1

In this ‘Amazing Traffic Tips’ article, we will see why paying for your web traffic is worthwhile. The success of your website chiefly depends on the search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The web searchers use these search engines to find anything they require, and as an online business, your website needs them to find your products easily on these search engines. In this 2-part article, all the best methods that require some payment to create web traffic are discussed. Use these methods selectively or collectively to generate massive web traffic to your website.

The search engines can help your website and send you the web traffic if your web pages rank high, especially in the top 10 result positions, in their databases for the given keywords. But, to rank high in the search engine result pages (SERPs), your web page must have several quality links pointing to it from other quality and relevant web pages.

Web traffic is the most important cause of any website’s success. Without web traffic, especially targeted web traffic, you web site cannot succeed. If you have a business site, then getting online customers to sell your products and services is a must. On the contrary, if you get massive web traffic to your website, then you can sell your products with ease and be successful in your online business.

Conducting online business is similar to doing off-line business. People walk in the street-side stores and malls, and many of them just wander around without buying anything. Only a few will buy your goods. On the internet too, a large percentage of your web traffic will just visit your commercial website without buying anything.

It is found through extensive surveys that on average, only about 5 to 12 percent of the total web traffic will buy products. So, getting a massive traffic solves the problem of selling more products and services.

But, most commercial websites have the unfortunate experience that despite having great products, they are unable to get web traffic to their website and their products sales pages. Therefore, generating web traffic in thousands per day is the answer to sell your products and make good profit.

The easy way to generate such huge web traffic is by paying for it. It is a global phenomenon that to make a lot of money, you have to spend some money. So then, from where can you generate this paid web traffic?

Using the Pay-Per-Click Advertising Methods:

The more web surfers know that your commercial website exist, the more web traffic will visit it. Advertising your website and products is the key to generate interest among the surfers about your site. Pay-for-click (PPC) advertising methods used by Google and Yahoo can generate massive web traffic to your website for a comparatively smaller cost.

In the PPC advertising campaign, you buy online advertisements but pay only if any searcher clicks on your advertisement link. The payment ranges from $0.01 to more than $10 per click, which depends on the competition for the keywords used for advertising your products and services. This method has the amazing ability of generating instant and targeted web traffic to your website.

It would take massive advertisement costs and campaigns to generate offline traffic to any store or mall, where as it takes only a small fees per click using the PPC advertising methods. Also, the generated web traffic is targeted, and can also raise the above mentioned conversion percentage of customers to visitors.

This means that using PPC advertising campaign for your products and services, most of the surfers clicking your PPC advertisements will be interested in your advertised products. They will eagerly visit your products sales pages and may buy them. It has also been noticed that the PPC advertisements are not clicked by people who are not seriously looking to buy any thing while using the search engines.

Another advantage of the paying for web traffic through the use of PPC advertising method is that your PPC advertisement usually appears on the first SERP, giving your products a lot of exposure.

Select this option of the paid web traffic that has stood the test of time. Google Adwords program has been the most successful online advertising method for many years now. PPC has been a very effective marketing method for almost all the successful commercial websites. As more and more commercial websites are being created every day, this method will bring them great success if used correctly.

Subscribing to Free Advertising Websites:

There are plenty of free advertising methods, but none has ever succeeded like Google Adwords. Also, most of these free advertising methods do not generate any web traffic. Most of these free advertisement sites need their members to click on each others websites, and thus generate a false pseudo web traffic to each other’s site.

Of course, this pseudo and compromising web traffic never generates any profit to either website. All that they achieve is inflated web traffic. So, stay away from such traffic generating websites that require you to be their member and click on other member websites advertisements.

Writing Comments on Forums and Blogs:

There are also certain free advertisement methods that you can use. These methods can generate some traffic to your website, but is no where as effective as the PPC advertisement methods. Some of these free advertisement methods are joining forums and writing comments on them. These forums allow you to advertise your website in the signature box below your comments.

Advertising your website and products using placing useful comments on forums and blogs in your niche topic have the added advantage of establishing you and your website as experts in your niche. This method serves a long-term purpose of getting targeted web traffic because the forums and blogs members and visitors get impressed with your expert comments. Their curiosity to learn more turns them in becoming your friends and visitors of your websites.

These visitors can be given products at reduced price for reviews which they will gladly accept. They can also readily give you your much needed positive testimonials after using your products and services.

Such methods have their usefulness and can also get you regular web traffic depending only on how well and expertly you can comment on these forums and blogs, and then attract the members and visitors on those websites.

Even if these are free advertisement methods, it takes much time to participate on these forums and blogs. As you know, Time is Money So spending so much time to get a small trickle of web traffic is also expenditure.

Of course, these methods do provide you with great back links pointing back to your website and increasing your website’s ranking in search engines. You can spend some of your valuable time in writing comments, but to really succeed in selling your products, you need other advertising methods like the PPC method described above.

All the above advertising methods have proven successful for most of the internet marketers and businesses over a long period of time. You too can benefit if you carefully plan how to use them. You can use all these methods simultaneously giving you multiple sources of web traffic.

There are various other methods of getting paid web traffic and they are discussed in the next part of this article.

Amazing Traffic Tips #6 Advantages Of Paying For Web Traffic – Part 2