Amazing Traffic Tips #7 Memorable Domain Name

Amazing Traffic Tips #7 Memorable Domain Name

Memorable Domain Name

A memorable domain name is simply a domain name that can be remembered easily by others. But, to get deeper into this theory, we need to remember that the memorable domain name must also relate well with the niche market that the website addresses.

If, for example, your website is about golf clubs or golf swings, and if you choose the name of your favorite movie embedded in the domain name, for example, or, just to make up a few unrelated domain names that can be remembered well by the readers, but cannot be remembered what exactly they represent (golf clubs or golf swing technique in our above case). So, even if the domain names are good and memorable, they should also be related to your website’s main theme golf club or golf swing technique.

Taking this point further and doing some actual keyword research, we can use a memorable domain name, or another domain name, for our golf swing related website. Check that these two domain names look similar and can be used interchangeably by your visitors. So, if possible, buy both the domain names if they are available. But, both are memorable domain names, and the included keywords are also searched by many surfers.

You will need to come up with similar techniques to find great and memorable domain names in other cases, for example, if you are targeting a different niche segment. The basic principles are similar as stated in this article.

If you want, you can immediate buy this domain name, because at the time of writing, the names are still available, if I am not mistaken! Why? Well, I will come to that question in a minute. Admitted, that these two domain names are very lengthy, but both are definitely memorable, especially by the golf lovers. And you know how big the golf niche is!

Of course, you will need to work correctly and follow great search engine optimization methods, use great products, use great content pages, and use skilled pay-per-click (PPC) methods (and may be, several other methods including using video, social marketing techniques, etc) to attract visitors and buyers.

In this article, these examples are just that, examples, to give you the idea of how keywords are being used by experienced and successful internet marketers to promote their products and profit from their various methods.

Well, these two domain names are definitely highly focused and relate to these two great keywords: Perfect golf swing and golf swing technique. Both the key-phrases are parts of golf swing hugely popular keywords, all three, now including the golf swing!

So, by having the long-tailed keywords that embed three great golf related key-phrases, you are really gaining a firm foothold on those niches! The phrase golf swing is searched by surfers daily. We can find the approximate figures using specialized keyword-related softwares to find the exact number of searches in Google or other search engines. It will give us the insight into how many surfers are searching for those particular keywords daily and monthly.

If the domain names are not available, then you can simply add an article (A or The before the key-phrase) and buy that domain name if available. You can also add hyphens between the words, or use any similar technique and make the domain name unique and now can be purchased! Just make sure that the domain name includes all those keywords mentioned above.

This is a hypothetical case and is mentioned here just to give you an example that can turn out quite profitable. A right domain name can make your website very popular and can become quickly profitable if the entire website is developed correctly.

Using Overture, I find that the popular key-phrase Golf swing is searched by almost 23,000 people monthly and 750 daily. Perfect golf swing is searched by 2,400 people monthly and about 80 daily, and golf swing technique is searched by 1600 people monthly and approximately 54 daily. Of course, these figures are not too high where you, as a new comer, simply cannot compete with those established marketers and rank well in the search engine result pages (SERPs) because of the already high saturation.

These key-phrases, perfect golf swing and golf swing technique are almost perfect figures in this hugely popular niche golf. The figures are also not too low so that there are almost no searchers, and therefore, no sales because no one is searching for those key words.

You can then use Google to find out the exact number of results for these key-phrases, both by inclusion and exclusion of the embedding quote marks. For example, if you search for perfect golf swing once with the quote marks and once without the quote marks, you will get two very important results.

The first result, with the quote marks surrounding the key-phrase, will indicate how many competitors are already there with that exact key-phrase and who are ranking well, that is, which websites having that particular exact key-phrase are occupying the top 10 results, or the first page result of the search engine.

The second result, without the quote marks surrounding the key-phrase, will indicate how popular the particular key-phrase generally is.

Diverting a little bit away from our little research on how a good domain name will help us gain popularity and web traffic, the following method of doing deeper research will reveal how much planning and research goes in to finding a great key-phrase.

If you are able to do such various research activities, and come up with that one winning key-phrase that opens up a new niche that’s just waiting there to be exploited for waves after waves of profits! So, the following method reveals how deep others are going in their search of great key-phrases, and also how much worth that key-phrase has in other country settings:

You can also choose to see how much the key-phrase is popular in other countries by changing Google search engine to that particular country.But, this is not our topic for this article so we leave it there.

Just to give you one hint, you can use proxy settings and change to a different country’s I.P. code, and then use Google to carry on with your keyword research. Please also ensure that whichever method you use to find your key-phrases, always try to be on the right side of the cyber law. If using proxy is illegal in your part of the globe, then please don’t use the proxy settings. Your Google’s country settings will also change to that particular regional settings, and you will find different results!

Here, an important thing you must remember when using those proxies: never use the proxies to use different proxy settings and click on your website’s Adsense advertisements! Google has smarter engineers and have excellent traps placed, and they can quickly find out that you have used proxy softwares to click on those Google Adsense advertisements.

Your site will be quickly banned from the search engine and you will loose all your rankings as well as your Adsense commissions within a couple of days! So beware! This is what I call a sample of an illegal activity, and Google will mercilessly punish your website for all time to come for using proxy software against their TOS!

Now, getting back to our little research on getting that great domain name for your site, the example of will help you establish your website for the keywords or key-phrases included in the domain name, and this domain name will help you profit because the particular key-phrases included will rank your site well in the SERPs, because of low competition for those particular key-phrases.

Here, I also consider that you will be using the key-phrases in the right places in the Meta-tags and the content, and that too, in the right density. There are also other things like the quality back-links that you will need to make your site an authority on that particular topic.

Your niche-related keywords or key-phrases, also called the long-tailed keywords, should be present in the domain name as a major search engine optimization (SEO) technique. This type of research will find the hidden gems in terms of keywords that being searched by surfers, but are still not found by your competitors.

So, powerful keywords, even if they contain many words in the key-phrase, are really memorable for your niche market, and can help you get a profitable Memorable Domain Name. Such keywords can bring you profits through higher page ranks, better search engine results, and a laser-targeted web traffic to your website, much before other internet marketers catch your lead!

This particular topic of Amazing Traffic Tips: Memorable Domain Name is very important, and I am aiming to write more articles giving you details of other techniques with proper examples that will help you succeed. As the domain name is one of the most important feature in website development, especially if your site is a commercial or E-Commerce website, choosing the right domain name which is also a memorable domain name matters the most!

A domain name that relates to the theme of the website makes the site looks very professional, and is a great stepping stone to success! It is also non-changeable! That is, you are stuck with the domain name and your website really depends upon a great domain name to make an impact on the internet.

If you are really not a remarkably famous business name like Dunlop, Nike, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, or Pepsi, then it would be better for your online business if you can find a very popular key-phrase in your niche market. and get a domain name that includes the key-phrase! You can have a head-start on your competition just with a great and memorable domain name!

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