Amazing Traffic Tips Podcasting

Amazing Traffic Tips Podcasting


Podcasting is a novel way of bringing in amazing traffic to your website or blog. The iPod and portable MP3 players have made it possible for students, internet users, and millions of people to listen to your messages and sales talks while they are on the drive, away from their homes and PCs.

So, what is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a way of delivering your audio programs and music files, usually in the MP3 format, to millions of listeners and viewers over the internet to personal computers and mobiles. The podcast is distributed by using Simple Syndication format. The creator of the podcast is called the podcaster.

Podcasting: The MP3 files are published to your website, and are made available to the listeners through subscription, RSS, or through direct download to them to their personal computers or the portable MP3 players. Podcasts can be created in the audio and video formats. The video format is also called vodcasting.

The podcaster can make these podcasts available through his websites through easy downloads and streaming of these files. Still, the podcasts can also be easily downloaded using the RSS feeds.

The various top search engines are amazingly fast in picking up the audio files than the normal text files. As an internet marketer, this can help you immensely to establish yourself as an expert in your niche as the audios and the videos are becoming a huge craze now-a-days. Your expert advices to the niche market can quickly become hits as audios are more intensely followed by the masses than the text files. The easy adaptation of the audios on the mobile devices can be an added advantage to spread your messages and sales talks to a new advertising media that is growing very fast. If you are able to establish your market lead in this growing field, it would generate a massive flow of visitors to your website and blog, because this field of Podcasting is still untapped by internet marketers.

The podcasts are best presented as a series of connected episodes of your presentation to the people. The audios, videos, and even the texts can be combined in an effective way and presented as attractive episodes or shows. People love interesting and thrilling episodes, and you can use very popular topics, especially in your niche market, to really build top quality podcasts in a serial format. The content in these podcasts can generate huge fan following as they are able to listen and watch these podcasts anywhere and any time.

Purpose of Podcasting

There are unlimited applications where you can use podcasts effectively:

The podcasts can be a revolution in the education field. Millions of students and related people to the education field are now using mobiles and iPods and their derivatives. Learning new language is fast becoming a craze and also a necessity.

The education and job markets requirements are proficiency in learning the English, Spanish, French, and other business languages. You can use these niche fields like producing orientation materials, conference-seminars-forums-lectures-feedbacks to the students and your clients, and research tips and techniques. Podcasting is quickly becoming popular as m-learning (mobile learning), enabling anyone to use their mobile sets or their portable MP3 players to learn while on the move. Podcasting is enabling the students and their instructors or teachers to expand the borders of the class-rooms. The podcasts can help them perform their learning and teaching activities anywhere and anytime.

There are plenty of new business opportunities in the business and commerce-related fields like training of the customers and even company staffs, demonstrations, promotion of products and services, advertisements, entertainment, news, and other types of video podcasts that you may think of to build your brand image. The widely followed travel and entertainment industries can be best tapped through effective Podcasting.

Podcasts can be created by any person having a laptop with microphone, internet connection, and some audio formatting software, while a professional quality podcast creation will, of course, require high-end equipment to deliver professional quality.

Of course, you need lot of planning and resources to produce quality podcasts, but once you have created top quality podcasts and marketed those effectively, there can be generation of massive interest in your podcasts and bring your site immense popularity and profits.

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