An Insight On The Possible Threats To An eCommerce Website

An Insight On The Possible Threats To An eCommerce Website

ecommerce website threats

The most important aspect of any eCommerce venture is customer satisfaction. With an evolution in the eCommerce industry, a lot of highly functional eCommerce stores are coming up thereby it is important to ensure the smooth functioning of the website and provide the customers with a great online shopping experience. Internet provides with a great platform for operating an online business; however an eCommerce business also has to face certain perils that can directly affect the functioning of the website. With online shopping transactions being carried out on your website, sensitive customer data will be added in terms of credit card payments and order notes. While you may be supporting your website with the most efficient web hosting platform like cloud hosting or dedicated server hosting, it is important to safeguard an eCommerce website against some perils, as they can ruin the online stature of your business.

Here is an insight on the possible online threats to an eCommerce website:

Malware Attack

We have recently heard news about the one of the most dangerous internet malware attacks. Malware attacks can have a negative effect on the functioning of any website. Once your website gets affected with some malicious virus, it will be down for a certain span of time. In the eCommerce industry, this means a direct loss of business. In case your website is down for a long time, people will switch to an alternate website right away. For safeguarding your website from the virus attacks, you must ensure if your web hosting service offers you with an efficient anti-virus protection. Generally on the packages like VPS, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting, there is a hardware firewall. This hardware firewall functions in terms of checking the incoming traffic and preventing the unauthorized users from entering your website.

Threat To Customer Information

When people purchase products from your website, they have to share their personal information. Hackers are constantly searching for eCommerce websites that do not have proper security measures in place. Therefore, it is crucial to install an SSL certificate. Once the SSL certificate is installed, the online transactions are safeguarded. SSL is responsible for transmitting the private information through the internet in a secured way.

It is preferable to opt for a dedicated SSL certificate. With a dedicated SSL, you will be able to gain the trust of the people who purchase products from your website. Most of the customers will not be comfortable in terms of sharing their personal information and credit card details with a website that does not have an SSL certificate installed. If you opt for a dedicated SSL certificate, it will be depicted that the certificate is in the company name and is dedicated only for your eCommerce website. This enhances the authoritativeness of your website.

A Slow Website

In the fast paced world today, nobody is willing to wait for a long time for anything. Specially, when it comes to online shopping people prefer fast transactions. One of the main reasons why people prefer online shopping is because it is fast. Therefore slow website navigation can be a major threat. It is important to make sure that the speed of your website remains intact irrespective of the traffic volumes. The first step towards doing this is designing the website in such a way so that it consumes less bandwidth and can be loaded faster. The next step would be opting for an efficient web hosting package that perfectly supports the functions of your website and ensures the uptime. If the shopping cart software is also supported, then the online purchase transactions will become fast and more convenient.

You can also customize the hosting package in accordance with the preferences that you need for operating your online store website efficiently. If your eCommerce website is fast, efficient and easy to use, people will prefer using it every time they think of online shopping.

Identity Theft

Identity is the most crucial aspect when it comes to purchasing products online. It includes personal information, interests, preferences and in depth financial information. There can be some major threats to customer information caused as a result of false identities. Therefore, it is important to make sure if the server on which your website is hosted is constantly monitored. In order to ensure this, you can check the data protection norms present in the privacy policy given by the web hosting company. A good web hosting company will have everything in place and will make sure that there is no tampering with the critical information.

The performance of an eCommerce website can be alleviated to a great extent by safeguarding it against the possible threats. Through an efficient eCommerce website you will be able to build customer trust and thereby a strong brand identity.


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