Answering Your Questions About Domain ID Protection

Answering Your Questions About Domain ID Protection

When you register a new domain name, you are required by the registrar to provide accurate details that identify the owner of the domain; this is often part of your terms of service.

With this however comes a threat from spammers and bots that harvest details from public WHOIS record and exploit these details for financial gain. Our Domain ID Protection product can help to protect your personal data at all times by keeping it invisible to everyone who queries the WHOIS database for your details.

Why protect my personal data?

With the purchase of a domain, you are required to provide valid personal details. If personal data is incorrect, you risk losing your domain name as contact falsify data or dummy data set violates the terms and conditions that you have agreed to buy a domain name. This information should be available in the public databases, accessible via WHOIS and is a requirement of the body responsible for assigning Internet names, ICANN.

Unfortunately, every day this public information is used fraudulently by spammers and marketing companies to send you unsolicited information. In addition, all the contacts in the public database expose the real identity of the owners of domains and can be used fraudulently. The service “Domain ID Protection” we offer guarantees the privacy of your personal data replacing this information with alternative data.

How does this service work?

When you activate the “Domain ID Protection”, we will replace all public data such as address, email, and phone number. You remain the owner with full rights to your domain name and have full control over it. Anyone trying to contact you through the data obtained from public databases, will be redirected to an accessible online form to establish contact with you. All mails sent to the alternate email address that appears in the WHOIS query will be automatically rejected. The service can be activated and deactivated from your control panel at any time.

Here are some of the FAQs about Domain ID Protection, if your question is not answered here, please, email [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist you.

1. What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is used to find the contact information of a specific domain or IP address. You can also find out other details of the domain, such as a domain’s name servers, registration date, and expiration date. The WHOIS queries are traditionally made ​​using a command line interface, but there are now many websites that allow these queries.

2. What is the protection of ID, or WHOIS protection?

Domain ID Protection hides WHOIS contact information in your WHOIS. In this way you will keep the privacy of your domains, preventing your data being used for purposes of spam or other intentions.

3. How to append a domain to Domain ID Protection?

When you register a new domain or change your domain to us, you will receive an option to add the Domain ID protection to your package. If you care to add the service to an existing domain then all you require to do is email [email protected] and we will take care of that for you.

4. Why is my private information accessible when I purchase a domain name?

According to the International ICANN rules valid contact information be provided for all domain names by their owners, and that it is being accessed worldwide. Domain ID Protection provides valid contact data that meets the international requirements without revealing your private contact information to worldwide scrutiny.

5. What individual information is displayed in the domain name, WHOIS, and how do people get it?

Domain name WHOIS display name, address, and email address  anyone, anywhere can search the WHOIS database through any search engine and many other WWW websites. Domain ID Protection provides proxy information instead of your personal contact information. People online, who want to contact you, employ the proxy data, and we forward to you.

6. Which Domain TLDs allow ID Protect?

ID Protect can be added to the following TLDs: .com / .net / .org / .biz / .info / .name / .uk / .me and many more.

7. How much does Domain ID Protection cost?

Domain ID Protection costs just £5 per year, which is in addition to the renewal fee for your domain name. When you purchase Domain ID Protection, it will apply to your domain name for one year. After this you can renew your protection as prompted or leave it to expire, which could potentially leave your personal information exposed.

8. How does Domain ID Protect help reduce junk e-mail/ SPAM?

Domain name WHOIS is a source of email addresses for spammers, but with ID protect we will make sure that the email address is changed 3 times a year. Spammers harvest and will use one WHOIS email address, but once we shift it that source of spam is cut.

9. Can anyone still email me using my cloaked email address?

Email sent to the email address listed in the WHOIS will be replied to with an unbranded URL. Upon calling this URL, they would be able to bring up their query in a secure form, while assigning the type of Contact (Registrant, Administrative, Technical, Billing) they wish to email. The contents of the submitted form will then be emailed to the selected Contacts (Registrant, Administrative, Technical or Billing) email address, as assigned in your customer portal.

10. Can I protect my contact details on .UK domains?

Yes, you can protect yourself. If you have a .UK domain name and you are a non-trading individual (i.e. not a business), then you can hide your WHOIS details with the “WHOIS opt-out” service specifically designed for .UK domain names.

11. Who can use WHOIS Privacy?

Anyone with a .com, .net, .org, .info, .me, .biz, .tv, .cc or .name, .me or .UK TLD extensions can benefit from Domain ID protection to feel the peace of mind WHOIS Privacy brings.


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