Apache HTTP Server 2.0 – Features

Apache HTTP Server 2.0 – Features

The Apache HTTP Server is a robust, commercial-grade open source Web server developed by the Apache Software Foundation. The default configuration file installed with the Apache HTTP Server works without alteration to tackle most of the situations.

Features of Apache HTTP Server 2.0

The Apache HTTP Server 2.0 brings with it a number of new features. Among them are the following:

New Apache API Modules utilize a new, more powerful set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Filtering Modules can act as content filters .

IPv6 Support The next generation IP addressing format is supported.

Simplified Directives A number of confusing directives have been removed while others have been simplified.

Multilingual Error Responses When using Server Side Include (SSI) documents, customizable error response pages can be delivered in multiple languages.

Multiprotocol Support Multiple protocols are supported.

The Apache HTTP Server configuration file i.e. httpd.conf has been divided in 3 parts viz.

1. Global Environment Configuration

2. Main Server Configuration

3. Virtual Hosts Configuration

The next 3 posts will explain the above three points regarding Apache configuration.