Asynchronous JavaScript and XML – Part 3

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML – Part 3

Development Environments AJAX

To facilitate the use of these technologies, many frameworks have been established. It is usually a set of JavaScript libraries to perform asynchronous processing and offer advanced ergonomics with a palette of graphical objects mature.

For the sake of industrialization, many of these frameworks have been linked to Web design frameworks.

It is estimated that more than 500 the number of existing frameworks JavaScript. The main ones in the article Ajax Frameworks.

Server-side Ajax principle implies that we have the choice of technology. However, some event-oriented technologies have great potential for productivity.

* Ruby and especially Ruby on Rails
*. NET 2.0 Microsoft is developing a framework for ASP.Net (Microsoft ASP.Net Ajax).
* Morfik Morfik WebOS AppsBuilder of EDI is a complete AJAX applications with a ‘designer’ visual and choice of programming language (Pascal, Basic, Java, C #).
* A new approach allows to get rid of JavaScript development, often considered expensive and complex. This approach aims to industrialize the development and is symbolized by frameworks like GWT or Echo2.

In parallel developed an ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit, which offers numerous controls “ready” for developers using Visual Studio 2005. There are currently thirty controls but Microsoft provides 50 to 100, all provided with their source. There is also a tutorial on the site to create your own Toolkit controls using Ajax technology. NET.

In addition, we have recently seen the arrival of the design pattern “Comet”, which proposes solutions to make the push data through Ajax.


IBM has created Open AJAX Initiative, a group promoting the technology with partners such as 24SevenOffice, Adobe Systems, BEA Systems, Borland, the Dojo Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, Google, Ilog, Yahoo, Laszlo Systems, Mozilla Corporation, Novell , Openwave Systems, SAP, Oracle, Red Hat, Tibco, Zend and Zimbra.

The first result of this initiative is the AJAX Toolkit Framework [3] (ATF), a project that aims to provide tools for developing AJAX applications in the Eclipse development tool. This project is based on the initial contribution from IBM and various open source AJAX frameworks (such as Dojo and Rico).

To be continued…
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