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Backup your Website before a Disaster Strikes

Backup your Website before a Disaster Strikes

Assuming that you have a website which has been developed either recently or has been living over the web since quite sometime. It may be a personal site running a blog, portal, designs etc. or may it be a business site where your sell products or services. All seems to be going well and the site is being appreciated and shared by users across the web. There must have been serious efforts which you Disaster_Recoverymight have taken to get the site to a certain level. Not to mention the time and money you’ve invested in it. During this while you’ve been focused on making the site successful over the Internet, but have you ever realised what would happen if the site suddenly goes inaccessible without a prior warning, it may be due to any odd reasons this may happen. What if your server holding the web-pages of your site crashes and after investigation the support staff from the web hosting company get back to your saying the hard-drive has got corrupted and all the data that was held has gone. Disaster Strikes !What if I say that there is nothing to worry about. If you’ve chosen a host that offers managed hosting services, there is a wide possibility that a backup copy of the files in your account would be available with them. This backup can be restored and your site could be brought back online within minutes.

Consider a possibility where the hosting company does not backup their servers too often, it means nothing but your efforts, your time, your money, your business have all been wasted, and you need to start back from the grass-root level. I don’t need to say about the frustration and agony that you’d face. Moreover, the time and money that you’d need to reinvest in getting the site back live.

Now I suppose you might have realised the importance of having a backup of all the data required to keep your site running over the web. Accidents and disaster don’t offer a warning before striking, all you can do is to have a backup plan to recover from it in the least possible time without spending too much, I mean that’s business. Backing up your site regularly becomes extremely important in this fast paced world of Internet.

There may be various reasons to justify the need to have a latest backup of your website at any given point of time. Choosing an offsite backup plan from an affordable web hosting provider can keep you away from devastation to your website and your business. Following are a couple of reasons why you must opt for such a solution, it was something where I didn’t need much efforts, they just came spontaneously. There are multiple instances that have happened in the past which have caused serious losses to businesses.

It may be a human error where the delete button gets hit accidentally, usually seen in cases where more than one individual have an access to the account. So imagine the possibility of the human error that may occur, your files, contact details of your customers, emails, etc. etc. can all disappear in a flash. Recollecting it can be a nightmare, expensive and more importantly it may pose a threat to your reputation.

If you have a busy website and the content gets updated frequently, it becomes necessary to maintain a backup of the data, because if a disaster does strike all the data that the site is updated with would be lost. Whereas if you do have a backup in place, the loss can be kept to minimal. For example, if you run a social bookmarking site or even a forum board, loss of all the data posted by the users wouldn’t be too pleasing to you nor for the users.

A gist of everything is that, such situations can be avoided if you have your site backed up with possibly the latest content. This should not only save you money but your efforts, time, reputation can all stay intact, even the users can understand the unforeseen situations. Moreover, the backup plans comes at a much cheaper price as compared to the heavy losses which you may face if it isn’t there in place.

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