Build A Website Which Visitors Would Simply Love

Build A Website Which Visitors Would Simply Love

“Building a website requires skills, not everyone can build a great website”, this is one of the most common statements that we usually hear from people. But in my opinion it needs more of creativity and understanding deduced on the basis of the website niche and visitors to it.

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Finding the right balance might at times be tough, but with an approach to offering an improved customer experience, it can be well achieved. Content is indeed important, but it’s the overall feel of a website in terms of design that decides whether the visitor would stay on the page and read it.

So how exactly should be your approach when building a website? Here are few pointers that can help you with setting-up a right approach when building a website.

Be clear with knowing what’s Important and what’s not.

Prioritizing the information that you plan to add over a webpage is important. You need not try getting everything above the first fold of the webpage. Try visualizing your page from a visitors perspective. Think, if a visitor has found your page, what would be the things that s/he would be looking for in the first place.

Imagine a website of a restaurant that specializes in Pizza’s and also offers home delivery. All you need to do is place the order over the phone and the get the delivery. But imagine, the webpage doesn’t have a clearly visible phone number, to find it you need to dig deeper into the contact-us page. Do you think it’d generate sale to it’s full potential? No I suppose.

The Right Color Schemes for Websites can do the trick for an increased conversion

Some may argue on this but it’s true that the colors you use over your website determine the customer experience to a large extent. Certain colors if used at right places over the webpage, can result in an increased conversion. Colorcombos has done a fantastic job by listing different combinations of website color schemes.

Based on  the human psychology of reacting to colors, for most call-to-action protocols over a webpage you’d find either red or orange colors. In simple terms, the effect predicts that whatever stands out gets recognized and recalled easily, and what blends in gets ignored.

Headlines, one of the most important elements of any website/webpage

It’s the headline that the eyes look for after your visit a webpage hence we can say that it’s the most viewed areas of a webpage. Therefore it is important to have a clear concise headline that gives an idea about the page in the first place.

An ideal headline can do the trick and get you the visitor hanging onto the page for sometime. The longer they stay; the better would be your chances of conversion.

Have majority space over a webpage with White Space

It is highly important that you have white space over a webpage for reading comprehension. It also acts as a good contrast with the other aspects over the page.

According a study run by experts, it’s observed that a reduction in white spaces also reduced the reading comprehension. So, if you plan to have a fair volume of text over a webpage, ensure that the text is enough spaced and easily readable.

Gaining Trust of Visitors Instantly

It happens with visitors who are visiting your website for the first time, where they are unsure whether they can lay their trust in you. Hence in-order to gain trust you can have certain pointers over your site that can help you with it. Customer feedbacks, testimonials, awards etc. can help you with that. Also, it is important to have call-to-action buttons placed at prominent places over the webpage, preferably near such pointers. That should help you achieve a better click ratio.

Curb unnecessary steps/pages

A webpage with more number of steps to the desired completion point tends to repel the visitor from doing the expected. Therefore, it is important to curb the steps to bare minimum. For example, if you have an eCommerce store and if you have say 7-8 steps for order completion process, there are less chances that an individual ends up paying you. They’d rather move to some other site. Instead if you can reduce those steps to 3-4 you’d not only see an increase in conversion but also expect a positive customer experience.

A Fast loading website tends to be more successful

Slow loading websites are like a bad omen for its owners as nobody would ever like a site that takes ages to load. It tends to make a negative impact over customer experience, hence affecting sales conversions. So, what’s the ideal load time for any website? Well, according to experts, it should be nothing more than 3 seconds.

Not to mention, having your website hosted with a premium hosting provider can also make a positive impact on the overall performance of your website.


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