Business Continuity and Data Backup

Business Continuity and Data Backup

With the increasing volume of data stored and searched every day as well as its importance to business and business continuity, what separates the chances of success and failure is the availability of information at the right time for making accurate and consistent decision. It is therefore necessary to ensure the security and the integrity of data and information.

Security has always been a major concern of such information, how to prevent accidents with loss of data. Most of the times data loss is caused due to the common issues such as disk failures, disasters, fires, floods, lightning, theft, accidental deletions, etc.

Protection systems disk failure (RAID) and backup on magnetic media are only the first level of protection for your data.

These types of protection solutions cannot guarantee data recovery in the following cases:

1. Fire or flooding of the CPD
2. Theft or robbery
3. Inability to access the main office premises
4. Failure of primary backup systems
5. Failure of recording or reading on magnetic media

What is Backup?

Backup is an activity of creating copies of files, databases which is usually carried out to ensure the safety of data. The backed up files are preserved on an external storage and utilized to restore the original files after a data loss event.

How can the data integrity of an office be improved?

The best way to improve the data integrity of the office is to utilize and deploy the external backup (i.e. Offsite Backup Hosting) solution. These Offsite Backup Hosting Plans are based on R1Soft’s CDP solution and is the only CDP Software that guards both Windows and Linux servers.

R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection is not only affordable but also easy-to-use and offers high performance backup, restore, and disaster recovery.

Key Features of Offsite Backup Hosting Solution based on R1Soft’s CDP

It simply allows you to automatically copy all changes to files that are saved on your hard drive. So, if your disk is damaged after a whole day without you having to manually perform the backup, your files are intact on the offsite server.

R1Soft provides a highly reliable real-time, continuous data protection for Linux/Windows servers, desktops, notebooks, fully transparent, without any human intervention.

1. High Performance Backup
2. Central Backup Repository
3. Portable Backup Storage
4. Multi-Point Replication
5. Bare-Metal Restore
6. Powerful File Excludes
7. Efficient Backup Storage
8. Innovative Web Interface
9. Industrial Strength Storage
10. Simultaneous Restores
11. QuickLZ & Industry Standard zlib (Zip) Compression
12. Advanced policies
13. Data Retention Policy
14. Recovery Point Archiving
15. Reports by e-mail
16. Compatible with Windows, Linux operating systems

Big Companies

Usually, large companies and corporations have advanced backup systems that ensure the restoration of your data in case of technical or human failure. However, R1Soft based Offsite Backup Hosting provides an additional assurance to the current system backup, allowing data to be stored in the external environment of the company, ensuring the reliability of data in cases of disaster and compliance with standards and compliances.

If there is a major loss of data in your company, what is the impact?

Obstruction – Small Impact on Business
Problem – Big Impact on Business
Disaster – Huge Impact on Business
Catastrophe – The Company may Cease to Exist