Business Process Reengineering- Organizing Around Outcome

Business Process Reengineering- Organizing Around Outcome

To bring radical changes in business process through business redesigning and by reaching beyond the scope of information technologies, the corporate need a number of principles to get implemented to achieve breakthrough results. BPR is a management approach to improve performance and efficiency of the underlying processes. Business process reengineering principle start from organizing around outcome, not task hence you need to define its purpose and goal in advance keeping your customers on center point, BPR provide you scope of the project and identifying the requirement that will meet the wants and need of your clients. Business Process Reengineering approach could beneficial for organizational re-structure, changing belief & behaviors and thus eliminating non-value activities without affecting the corporate culture. It is fundamental and radical approach to achieve your prospect through BPR since there are prospective changes in technology everyday.

Article by Paul Johnson, CMO,



  1. Both BPR & TQM are designed for organizational development, the hybrid approach should be focused on both terms of changes- short-term changes achieved through BPR should be followed by TQM’s long-term continuous improvements.

  2. Harry

    IMO Total Quality Management (TQM) can be considered as a subset of BPR.

    You can have a look where it differs:

                                   TQM                             BPR

    * Level of Change    Incremental                  Radical
    * Starting Point       Existing Process           Clean Slate (totally new)
    *  Change               One-time/Continuous    One-time
    * Time Required      Short                           Long
    * Participation         Bottom-Up                   Top-Down
    * Risk                    Moderate                       High

  3. Adam

    How BPR differ from TQM ( Total Quality Management ), any specific differences ?

  4. Harry

    In today’s competitive world it has become necessary to cop up with world, so you should always R&D on your business strategies, here comes the role of Business Process Reengineering. It’s proper planning and implementation will always benefit your business.

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