Business Server Solutions for Power and Efficiency

Business Server Solutions for Power and Efficiency

Dedicated server solutions are designed to provide businesses with two advantages power and efficiency. eUKhost is a green web hosting provider and we aim to help our customer’s reduce their carbon footprint where possible, which is why we utilise servers that don’t consume much power and host them in a data centre that uses renewable energy sources.

During the order process a dedicated server can be customised to match the resource requirements that you have determined as being necessary to support your web application, therefore ensuring that you always have the power that you need available. A dedicated server is a piece of hardware that you won’t be sharing with anyone else all resources are yours to use as you want and you can modify the environment to create the setting necessary for the running of your applications. This level of customisation means that you can alter applications to be more conservative with the resources that they are using, therefore improving the efficiency of your platform.

Powerful Dedicated Servers

eUKhost offers a range of different dedicated servers to match the needs of business customers at all levels. Whilst we provide simple dedicated servers that feature dual core processors, 4GB RAM and a 500GB HDD, we also offer configurations that include dual processor configurations with multi-core processors including Hexa- and Octa-core processors. The first dedicated server would be best fitting for a small business; it subtly offers enough power to run a fairly busy website. Servers featuring multiple multi-core processors are best suited to businesses running websites that receive millions of hits every day, or for scenarios where large amounts of data are being processed continually. The individual resources of your dedicated server can be upgraded during the order process so that the unique requirements of each customer are considered and so that we can offer you a solution that is both cost-effective and relevant to your objectives.

Efficient Dedicated Servers

Using the latest hardware from Dell and HP means that our dedicated servers are guaranteed to be energy efficient. eUKhost recognises the importance that many of our customers place on reducing their carbon footprint and one way in which this can be achieved is by choosing a green web hosting provider. As well as utilising energy efficient servers, we also proactively work to put renewable energy sources in place that can be used to power our data centres and the equipment contained within them.