Canonical to discontinue Ubuntu One storage service

Canonical to discontinue Ubuntu One storage service

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Ubuntu One Cloud services from Canonical will be shutting down in June 2014.

The popular cloud storage service which had a user base of one million back in July 2011 will be discontinued from 1st of June 2014, Canonical has confirmed. Users will be able to download their files until 31st of July; after which all files will be deleted permanently.

This is a tough decision, particularly when our users rely so heavily on the functionality that Ubuntu One provides. However, like any company, we want to focus our efforts on our most important strategic initiatives and ensure we are not spread too thin, said Jane Silber, CEO of Ubuntu developer Canonical, in a company blog post.

According to Canonical, it was getting difficult for the company to maintain and provide a cloud storage service in a hyper-competitive market where there are many companies like Dropbox and Google Drive offering good amount of cloud storage at almost no real cost.

Ubuntu One was offered with the Ubuntu Linux distribution and came with 5 GB of free storage with an option to “add on” extra storage at $2.99/month each 20 GB. There is also the Ubuntu One Music Store that allowed users to purchase and stream music via the Web and smartphones which will also be shutting down.

However, the shut down will not affect the Ubuntu One single sign on service (SSO), the Ubuntu One payment service, or the back-end U1DB database service, said Silber.

The company is now going to shift its focus on further developing its operating system for various platforms, including the company’s shift towards mobile with Ubuntu Touch for smartphones and tablets.

Our strategic priority for Ubuntu is making the best converged operating system for phones, tablets, desktops and more, added Silber.

The announcement was taken with a pinch of salt for many loyal users of Ubuntu One with many believing that it might have been an April Fool’s prank by Canonical. A commenter said, had a faint hope this was an April fool’s joke, which was soon put to rest by Silber confirming the closure is real.

Many users who are confused about how or where to migrate their data to were suggested to keep in touch for further information about shifting to alternative services.


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