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Changing Nameservers

Changing Nameservers

While switching hosts, we always have to change the name-servers which have been set in our registrar’s account. A lot many times, finding the correct place to go & make these changes becomes a big hassle. Described below are the exact steps to be followed for accounts with some of the leading domain registrars.


A. Log in to the Account Manager.
B. Select Manage Domains from the Domain Names dropdown menu or the Manage Your Account list.
C. Select the domain name you wish to modify using the checkboxes and then click Set Name Servers.
D. Enter your updated name server information in the spaces provided under the blue Name Servers heading on the right side of your page and click Save Changes at the bottom.


A. Log in to the Network Solutions Account Manager. (When on, Click on Account Manager in the top navigation menu then Log in with your User ID and password)
B. The Domain Details section (if you have more than one domain name, you will first need to click on the domain name you want to change) displays different options depending on where your domain name is currently pointing:

1. If Domain currently points to: Standard Under Construction Page, XX Page Web Site, or A Web Forwarding Address, then to the right of Change domain to point to: select the radio button next to Custom DNS Setting and click on the Apply Change button.
2. If DNS Settings: is listed then click on Edit DNS.
3. If Domain currently points to: Designated DNS then click on the Edit link.

C. On the Edit DNS page, in the Move DNS to a New Name Server section click on the Continue button.
D. After reading the confirmation warning, click on the Continue button to confirm that you understand changing the DNS may cause loss of any services such as Web site, e-mailbox, or Web forwarding.
E. In the textboxes type established name servers or select from a list of existing name servers – you can add up to 13 name servers by clicking on the Add More Name Servers button, then when finished click on the Continue button.
F. To confirm your DNS changes:

1. If you designated an existing name server, click on the Continue button, and then click on the Save DNS button.
2. If you added a new name server, enter the name server IP address, click on the Continue button, and then click on the Save DNS button.

G. To make edits to the IP address at a later time, click on the Manage Host Servers button in the left navigation bar of Account Manager.


A. Log in to the Enom Account Manager. Once you have logged in, click on the “My Domains” tab.
B. Click on the tab which says “I have (number) of domains in the account”.
C. Select the domain from the list or type in the exact name in the box provided for the same.
D. Once the domain name is selected, you will come to the domain control panel of that particular domain.
E. Go to the DNS Server section right of the page.
F. Click on the “CONFIGURE” tab.
G. Put in the name of the dns or the IP of the dns and click on Save Changes.

If you have given the client access to the domain control panel, then in that case the steps to be followed are as follows.

A. Login to the domain control panel ( )
B. In the controls page, please select the DNS Servers section.
C. Change the DNS servers as per the requirement and click on save changes.


A. Log in to the account manager. (
B. Select the domain name for which you wish to change DNS Servers.
C. Under the heading “DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM SERVERS (DNS SERVERS)” enter the DNS Servers you wish to have.
D. When the confirmation page appears, click Continue again and the DNS Server change will be implemented.


A. Login into reseller control panel with your account ID and password.
B. Choose the link of list .TLD under Manage Domains category, click query.
C. Search out the domain in question, click its current DNS, a new page will be prompted, there you may fill in your new DNS, then click submit.


A. Log in to the account manager ( )

Once logged in there are two options.
1. If you want to change the DNS information for all the domains in a profile, you have to click on the profiles nameservers link.
2. If you want to change the DNS information for only 1 domain, you have to first list the domain using the Listing Domains option, enter the key and then follow the instructions.


A. Login to the account manager on the home page.
B. Click on the tab in your account that says “My domains”. You will be able to search for a domain, search for certain extensions, search by expiration status and tell it how many domains you wish to view per page. Next to each domain, you’ll see a checkbox. You can either check each domain you need to update.
C. Below that, you’ll see Step 2. Select Which Management Option You Want to Perform. This is a dropdown menu, to update your nameservers, choose “Modify Nameservers” and click “Go”.
D. When you are finished entering nameservers, click continue. You do not need IP addresses, and please do not enter them.


SCHLUND+PARTNER registers domain names for many big providers and resellers. Each provider and reseller have their own interphase and account management options.

Hence , you will have to contact the specific provider or web host first if you would like to make modifications to your domain name.


A. Log in to the management interface (
B. Enter your domain/username/password. If you do not have this info, please contact your Registration Service Provider, who handled registration and payment for this domain.
C. Select “Manage Name Servers”. Add the new nameserver in the “Adding New Name Servers” section. Please note that only the name is required. The IP is determined automatically.
D. Once the new nameservers are added and display properly, you can delete the old nameservers by clicking on “Remove” and then “Save Configuration”.

Additional Information:-Tucows/OpenSRS is a wholesale domain Registrar. If simplified further, it would mean that the mechanism put in place by Tucows for registering domain-names and their managenemt are used by ISP’s or hosting providers to process domain transactions and offer registration to people like you and me. However, Tucows never ever directly deal with individual domains at all. The management and care taking of the individual domain names is the resposibility of your hosting provider or ISP, as the domain was registered by them for you . Almost all issues including payment, renewal, and management of your domain is handled by the individual hosting providers.



  1. With some hosts, you may change the nameservers through their own website even though the tags themselves show a different register. This is usually done through a members control panel somewhere.

    Another common registrar is 123-reg. To change your nameservers with them:
    1) Go to and then click login to control panel at the top of the page.
    2) Enter your username and password to login and then scroll down the page to the manage domains section.
    3) Select the domain you want to modify in the pull down box and then click ‘Modify Domain’.
    4) Click on change nameservers.
    5) Enter the new nameservers and then click ‘Change Nameservers’.

    That should be the process complete.

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