Choosing the right domain name for site

Choosing the right domain name for site

Right domain name plays a very important role in total search engine optimization of web site. Previously there was no importance in selecting domain name, but now SEO tips and tricks have proven the importance of a right domain name. SEO experts have found that Google is able to find the different keywords in domain name and thus push up the site in search engine results.

When a site is developed, first find out the main theme of the site and then try to find out the most important keywords of the site. These keywords must be used in the domain name.
For Example :
if the site concept is dating then you should look for different keywords related to dating concept and try for such a domain name so that dating word will come in the domain name:

Though putting keywords in domain name is important, there are some important tips to choose a right domain name :-

1. Domain name should be short,easy to remember and to spell
Domain names can be of any length up to 67 characters. But a domain name should be short so that it would be easy to remember. Also a domain name should be easy to spell so that if a user has only heard of such a site can easily spell it and find it.

2. Choose extension
Many users get confuse about which suffix to choose from .com, .org, .net, etc. If the site is business related then you should choose .com suffix. Also .com is the most common extension used ever and people try to search any site by giving the same extension.

3. Use characters allowed
Domain name may contain letters, numbers and hyphens. While spaces and other special characters are not allowed. So, by using hyphens you can add all important keywords in the domain name. ex :

4. Register more than one domain name
Sometimes its better to register more than one domain name. It might happen that the company with same name register with same domain name with different extension. So such sites with same name confuse the potential customers. Thus, many companies register same domain name with different extensions like .com, .net, etc.

5. Choose the perfect one from the bunch of domain names
While thinking of the perfect domain name, you may find 3/4 good domain names of your interest. So, in such a case it would be better to ask to your friends so that u will find the perfect domain name.

Thus, its very important to choose a perfect domain name for your online business site so that u an easily achieve high rankings in search results.



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  2. BlackLiger

    I need to change my domain name when the free registration on my current one expires. I’ll email about that, though.

    Yeah, though, thinking through your domain name choice can make or break your website.

  3. If two words has different meaning but relevant in particular combination I don’t think one hyphen could harm it anyway for example; brand-strategy

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