Cloud, As Reliable and Secure as your Home Computer

Cloud, As Reliable and Secure as your Home Computer

There has been a tremendous hype in the industry about Cloud technology and its security and reliability. Even the large company that implemented this technology across their infrastructure faced a break-down in their security efforts, hence causing a dilemma about choosing these services.

Nobody can guarantee you the security of storing the data over Cloud or on any other solutions available in the market today. What we can do is take every necessary precaution in safe-guarding the data from potential hackers and attackers.

More importantly, one must differentiate between private cloud, public and hybrid clouds used for storing your mission critical data. A number of security experts and advisors do agree that cloud-based solutions are equally secure as any offline software, storage devices and services which operate in a corporate environment, which are in complete isolation from the outside networks.

Most of the enterprises prefer to deploy private cloud, even they cannot claim that there would be absolutely zero downtime. There are equally prone to it as the public cloud hosting do. This is due to the basic fact that every type in the list of Cloud Solutions use the same infrastructure, software as well as hardware, hence the issues faced are more or less similar with all.

If there is a problem where the service provider’s server crashes causing the deletion of data storing it, no one actually has any control of the hardware faces a malfunction. You may recollect an instance that Google had faced in the recent past, the issue they faced was because of a combination of failures with the hardware as well as the software.

We also must take into account the involvement of Humans.

Various Government bodies would usually refrain using Cloud Servers offered by service providers due to possibility of data theft and security liability. On the contrary, there are strict disciplinary policies that are seen to be laden by service providers.

These policies can be said to be much inline with the governments expectations. Still there is reluctance in choosing the services from a third party service provider. Though as a matter of fact there are more instances seen where the data security was compromised within the government-operated companies and agencies more frequently than that happening at corporate companies.

So if you look at it, the biggest threat would come from targeted attacks and business reconnaissance, it also becomes the responsibility of the users to take every precaution with avoiding theft.

One of the other concerns with Cloud is its reliability. An increasing volume of companies have started offering Cloud solutionsbased on SaaS and PaaS with an intention to reducing the costs. While some organisations depend largely on IaaS for operating their business.

In all the cases, one needs to rely on third party sources for smooth operation of the business. Moreover, the concern increases if the same is implemented within the premise due the lack of skilled technicians and specialists in the fields, hence worsening the reliability criterion.

No doubt about the reduction of costs in software licensing and labor charges possible due to Cloud, but only if you choose a reliable service provider who has all the required skills, can address your issues instantly and find the solution in the least time should be a right decision for achieving reliability.

Though these problems and issues aren’t anyways different that the traditional solutions. There used to be compatibility issues with the software environments in the past, which still exist in the present as well. Only a company having skilled administrators can guarantee you high reliability.

In fact, if we look at it this way, a Cloud hosting solution can be as secure and reliable as using your home computer which is in network with your corporate computers. If the entire network is safe-guarded and maintained by skilled administrators and every necessary security precautions are taken, there isn’t any need of being bothered about the data theft.

No expert in the industry would claim 100% security in an inter-connected network of different devices. If anything needs to be done, then it is the implementation of the latest, tried and tested methods of precautionary measures of security.