Cloud Computing for businesses and for common Users

Cloud Computing for businesses and for common Users

enlight_eukhostIn web hosting industry cloud has become the most important part of web servers. The flexibility and security of cloud make it unique among all server hosting technologies. One of the terms that is being mentioned multiple times every time we read some news on a blog, or anywhere, is “Cloud Computing”. Today, we will provide a deeper look at this term, exploring their significance, and the potential impact that it is having on the world of technology.

The definition of cloud computing is quite simple, It is a paradigm that seeks to change the traditional model of computing, and move to the Internet. In Cloud multiple servers are connected together to divide the load generated on the server and maintains uptime of the site. Cloud has three effective platforms called private, public and hybrid cloud. Each platform has its own advantages to establish a brand as a business. 

In the past (and present), the use of the PC has not changed much: install an operating system. After installing it, seek applications (software), which we also install on our PC and will allow you to perform different tasks. So we have Office applications (Word, Excel), design and photography applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), multimedia applications (Music Player, Video). Countless software we download, install, and use.

The idea of cloud computing (where cloud is a metaphor for “internet”) is that, thanks to technological advances, we no longer need these applications reside on our PC, then you can access similar services from the browser. Need to edit documents ? There are alternatives such as Google Docs, etc…..

Cloud computing for common users: 

For us ordinary users, cloud computing and probably thing every day. They use Gmail, Hotmail, or any other online email service? Then somehow are already using cloud computing, which have delegated the task before applications met the famous email clients, the browser.

And little by little, the browser is becoming our new operating system, given the amount of use we give it. Has been thought about everything that the browser can do?

In the past, it was just that: surf the web. If someone wanted Texting, had to open a separate program. Send an email? Also an external program. Listen to music? The program reproducing means.

This is Cloud Computing for us ordinary users. Gradually, many of the applications that in the past were “native” applications for Windows, OS X, or OS you are running, and have made ​​the jump to the cloud, which are completely independent of what system is accessing them . Which brings us to the other big advantage of having everything in the cloud, everything is portable.

In the past, save an Office document, meant that he ended up living in our PC, because we keep it in your folder “My Documents”. With Cloud Computing, and taking the most common service, Google Docs, this article resides on the Internet. This not only means that we can access the file from any computer (provided you have an internet connection), but we can see or edit from our cell phone, laptop, iPad, or whatever you have on hand. And not only that: just give you access to colleagues, and they can view and edit the document with us in real time. Have suggestions, or something that should be changed? Just can not, leaving a note as to why they did it.

For businesses, the impact of cloud computing is even greater. Imagine you have a small business. Not only have to buy specific hardware that meets certain characteristics, but also have to buy software (and licenses) for each of the PCs you use. New staff? Need more licenses.

With cloud computing, everything is centralized on the Web. This means we can have a single application running on a server, to which all workers have access, requiring a single license.

A licensed copy of a word processor, for example, must live in our PC to create the document. The program has no value while the computer is turned off at night. By implementing a solution of “Cloud Computing”, these same documents, and even the entire application would be available for this work on your PC at home, with just open your browser, enter your user data, and start editing the document .

The idea of ​​cloud computing also greatly reduces the costs of hardware implementation. For specialized software, you no longer need to have the fastest PC with Good RAM, enough to have a relatively inexpensive PC to serve as a terminal, able to just run the software to remotely interact with the website, which would be responsible for processing all this work.

eNlight the Intelligent Cloud hosting platform developed by eUkhost allows users to select a cloud according to their needs for a number of hours, days, month and year as well.  You can configure your own cloud environment with the configuration you want to run anything online. 


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