Cloud Computing | Part 2

Cloud Computing | Part 2

Cloud Computing – Applications

Software applications:
The online software like Google Apps or LotusLive (IBM) for example can be seen as the software tip of this new way of designing computers. Similarly, operating systems could be provided remotely through virtualization technologies.


The storage services online can store data and documents without having to continually increase the number of servers or the size of the SAN.

The following services are based on “computing in the cloud”:

* Amazon Simple Storage Service;
* Live Mesh (Live Desktop component);
* MobileMe (iDisk component).
* Gaika

Main actors

The “revolution” of computing in the cloud is driven by companies like Google, Exalead, and Amazon as well as traditional suppliers such as IBM, Intel and Microsoft.

End July 2008, Intel, Hewlett Packard, and Yahoo! have partnered to promote research in the field of Cloud Computing. The first initiative is the creation of a distributed environment (Cloud Computing Test Bed) facilitating research and software testing, administration of data centers and equipment associated with computing in the cloud to a level never reached. For this operation, the three partners have combined the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe.


The majority of computer infrastructure in the cloud is composed of services provided by the next generation of treatment centers which are based on data virtualization technologies of computing and storage. The spread of Internet connections to broadband has optimized the response time of the centralized infrastructure.


For the computer scientist Richard Stallman, computing in the cloud “is a trap, its users losing control of their applications. This free software activist sees an advertising concept without interest, joining the criticism voiced by Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, that it is a fad.

Computer systems in the cloud

There are already several systems in the computing cloud and different APIs to communicate with these systems. Amazon API, Amazon EC2 is probably the most popular because of his service launched a major advertising medium. Several tools are compatible with this API:
•    Eucalyptus (site), free system using the Xen virtualization and Java. It is distributed with the version of Ubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty Jackalope” (released in April 2009).
•    GEclipse (site) is a free system management and cloud computing grid using Eclipse, it is compatible with existing Amazon EC2 and S3. It also uses Java.

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