Cloud Servers And Backup Technology On enlight Platform

Cloud Servers And Backup Technology On enlight Platform

The eNlight platform has been designed to provide a reliable and secure environment for the hosting of virtual machines in the cloud. The eNlight cloud can provide up to 100% guaranteed uptime, which is why it is a popular choice with many small businesses looking to improve the uptime of their web applications; furthermore, a greater level of security can be obtained from the use of the eNlight cloud.

Cloud web hosting can be used for a number of different purposes, whether you are looking to create your own cluster in the cloud so that a load-balanced configuration can be used to support your website or if you are looking for a cross-platform backup solution that can be used to serve your visitors and users when there are issues with the servers at your primary site.

Virtual machines on the eNlight platform can be managed using our web-based interface and you can order additional resources for your VMs as the loads placed on them fluctuate; this means that eNlight can be seen as a platform that has been specifically designed to be tailored towards the end user so that customers are only ever paying for what they need and nothing more.

Benefit of Cloud Servers over Standard VPS Servers

Cloud servers are often virtual machines hosted on a cloud platform and don’t differ greatly from the classic VPS server configuration, but there are in fact many benefits available from using a cloud server over a normal VPS server.

Virtual machines in the eNlight cloud can be expanded with just a few clicks from the web-based control panel and this will be without causing any downtime, therefore guaranteeing that you can choose one virtual machine when you first set your website up and then stick with this one server as your website grows because your hosting environment will grow to match your website.

Having full control of the resources of your virtual machines is a benefit to the customer because you are in full control of the amount that you spend on your web hosting service.

Integrity of eNlight Virtual Machines

eNlight virtual machines are hosted on a platform that utilises the latest in SAN (Storage Area Network) technology so that data loss because of hardware is going to be an impossibility. The SAN systems that we use contain multiple hard drives that have been placed in RAID 10 configuration to improve the performance of individual disk clusters whilst improving the reliability of the hard drives being used.

As the hosting of data is independent to the rest of the server cluster, the resources for a single virtual machine can be formed from multiple servers in the cluster to ensure that a VM can be scaled to any level necessary; furthermore, this also introduced a second level of reliability because this means that if one node that is providing resources fails, these can be automatically obtained from another server in the cloud.

Using eNlight as a Backup Solution

Unlike other backup solutions that are available, eNlight can be used as a cross-platform solution so that any business can use the platform for Disaster Recovery (DR). As part of planning for disasters, every business should have constructed a Disaster Recovery Solution (DRS) that will detail how their operations can be sustained when they are facing issues with their IT infrastructure; the DRS should contain details such as MTB (Maximum Tolerable Downtime), RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) so that a clear picture is available on the timescale in which services should be restored and the level to which they can be restored that a business can begin to rely on their primary site once again.

eNlight works as an x86-based recovery site that can be used to synchronise data with any primary site, regardless of the technologies that are used there; this means that for once there is an affordable solution for those looking requiring server backup purposes.

Furthermore, the eNlight virtual machines that you are using will automatically scale up to cope with the demand placed on them when the role of serving your website automatically switches to the backup site; this means that you will only ever have to pay for the resources that you are using and nothing more this will also remove the need to predict the resource levels that you require.

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