.cloud TLD now available for registration!

.cloud TLD now available for registration!

Register your .CLOUD Domain TLD at eUKhost

The world is moving towards Cloud technology and so it is more than apt to have a domain extension that complements this technology well.

The term network is now superseded by the concept Cloud. If you are in a dilemma to select the perfect domain name for your Cloud computing business or any other business, then don’t worry, the most anticipated .CLOUD extension is here to make your website modern, innovative and easily recognizable. We at eUKhost allow you to register your preferred domain with .CLOUD extension at just £14.99 a year! Now collaborate more easily and define what you do with .CLOUD.

Why register .CLOUD top-level domain?

A .CLOUD extension gives you an opportunity to develop a strong connotation of your brand within the Cloud industry. The biggest advantage of registering .CLOUD TLD is that it covers various aspects of IT solutions, with incredible potential for businesses, brands and individuals to grow worldwide. With .CLOUD extension your visitors are instantaneously aware of the products and services you provide. .CLOUD can take on so many different designations. With just five simple letters, you can draw attention of so many consumers who can be interested in so many things ranging from web hosting to file storage.

.CLOUD is perfect for hosting systems that specialize in data, document, web page sharing, for Cloud bloggers and reviewers, for IT businesses covering a wide range of products and services. However, it can be used across various businesses and websites presenting a futile solution both for individuals and businesses.

This is great for current IT enterprises planning to grow and evolve their services or products into Cloud technology because with a devoted .CLOUD domain name, it will help their clientele to better understand the products and information they entail. .CLOUD is an important TLD to represent an ever-growing market within the Cloud namespace.

Register your most preferred and highly adaptable .CLOUD domain with eUKhost to give your business a chance to surge. Cloud is the true technological innovation of today and .CLOUD domain is coined to make Cloud computing easier than ever before.

Hurry! General Availability of .CLOUD top-level domain commenced on February 16, 2016, at 15:00 UTC. Register at eUKhost The Web Hosting and Domain Name Registrar Since 2001.


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