CM4all WebsiteCreator

CM4all WebsiteCreator

CM4all WebsiteCreator is one of the most popular website builder. CM4al software is AJAX-based, Web 2.0-enhanced and uses XML.

The user interface for the CM4all WebsiteCreator Consumer Edition is designed to enable a quick start for even inexperienced users. To build confidence and familiarity using the application, the software is made to provide maximum support. CM4all WebsiteCreator Consumer Edition gives you the power to offer any level of user a Web 2.0-enhanced website in less than 10 minutes.


1. Brand new Web 2.0 community photo albums and blogs allow image uploading and multi-authoring in the comfort of the browser window.
2. Powerful event planning with RSVP and guest login turns a website into a community hub for parties, celebrations and reunions.
3. 100 consumer-oriented design templates commissioned by professional design agencies including a myriad of color variants, key visuals, buttons and fonts.
3. Professionally designed Flash templates boost the visual possibilities even more.
4. Customizable Flash intros, counters, guest books, feedback forms and voting tools are all activated by the simple click of a mouse.
5. Interactive maps built on the Microsoft® MapPoint® Web Service.
6. Content Syndication with use of industry standards leads to integration possibilities for nearly all RSS and XML feeds including Weather Forecasts.
7. Fully integrated online Flash editor yields custom Flash movies without the need to buy additional software.
8. Integrated tools for image editing – no software or extra disk space is required.
9. A generous fully licensed Multimedia Archive with images, sounds, Flash animations and games is included so your customers can create an impressive online home.
10. Automated generation of content pages for a multitude of consumer-specific themes.
11. Rapid FTP upload at the push of a button on the webspace reserved in your Data Center.
12. Platform- and browser-neutral, CM4all WebsiteCreator can be used at any time and from anywhere.

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