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Configure a VPN Connection on your Local Computer Running Windows

Configure a VPN Connection on your Local Computer Running Windows

VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology enables users with a computer to use a public Internet connection to get connected to a private network in a secure way. A VPN is usually required by businesses for enabling the employees access the office/private network from distant places.

How to Configure a VPN Connection on a Computer Running Windows OS ?

Inorder to configure VPN Connection on your Windows machine, it is important that you are logged in as Administrator (one who has full permissions)

The following are the steps to configure a VPN :

Step a – Ensure that the Internet connection is correctly configured on your local machine.

Step b – Go to Start >> Settings >> Hit the Network And Dial-Up Connections option

Step c – You must now double-click the icon Make New Connection.

Step d – Hit the Next button and then the Connect To A Private Network Through The Internet, again hit the Next button

Step e – You may choose to do any of the following depending on your connection

  • Select Automatically Dial This Initial Connection incase you have a dial-up connection for accessing the Internet, then from the list you must choose your dial-up Internet connection.
  • If you don’t have a dial-up but a dedicated connection, you must choose Do Not Dial The Initial Connection.

Step f – Choose the Next button

Step g – You would be presented with an empty box wherein you would need to enter the host name (ex. or the IP address of the computer to which you intend to connect, then hit the Next button.

Step h – Choose the option For All Users to allow everyone who access your computer, else you may choose the option Only For Myself inorder to restrict the access to yourself, then hit the Next button.

Step i – You are now required to add a distinct name for the connection and hit the Finish button.

Step j – Now again go to StartSettings >> >> Select Network And Dial-Up Connections

Step k – Then Double-click the new connection icon

Step l – Go to Properties, this will allow you to configure the options to establish a connection:

  • Incase you intend to connect to a particular domain, you must click the Options tab, select the check-box against Include Windows logon domain.
  • If you intend to redial incase of a line drop, you must choose the option titled Redial if line is dropped

Now, inorder to use the connection, you must follow the below procedure :

Step 1 – Go to Start >>Settings >> choose Network And Dial-Up Connections

Step 2 – You must again double-click the new connection icon

Step 3 – Once you are connected to the Internet, you would be prompted by the VPN server asking to enter the Username and the Password. Hit the Connect button once the appropriate details are entered.

Step 4 – After usage you mustn’t forget to disconnect the VPN connection. To do that, you must right-click the connections icon and choose Disconnect.

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