Convert ^M to newline character in text files

Convert ^M to newline character in text files

If the ^M character is showing up in files while opening the file concerned, then follow these steps to convert it to a new line.
In vi use the following::%s/^M/\n/gor with perl on the command line:$ perl -pi.bak -e ’s/^M/\n/g’

NOTE: Be sure to create the ^M by typing ctrl V followed by ctrl M.

^M is ASCII 13 (Ctrl M), which is the carriage return.

Different operating systems use different symbols to set the end of a line/new line.
Unix uses newline (\n)
Mac uses carriage return (\r)
And Windows/DOS use both (\n\r)

To prevent the ^M from showing up in files, be sure to use the ASCII (text) mode when transfering text files.


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