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Create a Professional Business Website without Coding

Create a Professional Business Website without Coding

Do you have a great idea for an online business, but lack the technical skills to build a website? Perhaps you’ve been put off by the cost of having a developer create one for you? It’s a common problem and one that’s been a barrier to many budding entrepreneurs. However, technology has moved on and there is a solution. In this article, we’ll explain how our new Amazing.Website site builder can help you create a professional business website without the need for any technical skills or coding whatsoever.

What is Amazing.Website?

Amazing.Website is eUKhost’s specially designed platform that allows anyone to create fully working, professional standard websites in no time at all. The way it works is very simple. We have created a wide range of website designs and features which are prebuilt for you – all the coding and technical stuff has been taken care of at our end. All you need to do is choose the design you want and add the features. Amazing.Website then puts these together to create a fully functional website. After this, all you need to do is add the content; the images, text and other media you wish to display. All this can be done simply by dragging and dropping.

What about building an ecommerce store?            

We realise that many businesses require an online store and our Amazing.Website site builder creates these too. We have a three step wizard that makes it easy to add products and product images and our platform makes it simple to add payment gateways so that you can take payments online from your customers.  Our sites already come with full PayPal and Stripe integration and you can even have a PayPal ‘Buy Now’ buttons anywhere on your site. We can also supply you with an SSL certificate so that your customers’ online payments are safely encrypted.

Our ecommerce stores allow you to create stunning store fronts, a range of product categories and are designed to make finding, ordering and purchasing products very easy for your customers – helping to make your online store a user friendly and interesting place where your customers can feel welcomed and shop in comfort.

We also help you simplify business administration. Stores built using Amazing.Website come with a built-in ordering system to help you keep track of sales and you can even send automated emails to your customers.

Build the perfect online presence

Every business needs its own unique website that will appeal to its customers and match its brand. To help, Amazing.Website has over one hundred different templates designs to choose from and each of these can be fully customised. You can change colours, fonts and layouts to perfectly suit your business and then add your own branding, headers and images.

What’s more, if you fancy a change, you can update your website at any time to keep your online presence fresh and attractive. We’ll continue to add new template designs every month and, as the web develops, these will bring with them new features and capabilities.

Your responsive website will work on any device

Recent figures from Ofcom show that, in the UK, we spend twice as long accessing the internet on mobile devices than on computers and laptops; and the number of people using smartphones and tablets continues to rise across all age groups. Better mobile connectivity, WiFi access and security mean more people are also buying online using these devices. Gone are the days when we would search for products on the phone but switch to the laptop to make the purchase.

With this shift in how people access the internet, it is vitally important that online businesses use responsive websites that will work on any device. Our Amazing.Website site builder does just this, ensuring that your customers get the optimal user experience no matter whether they are using phone, tablet, laptop or desktop screens.

Not only will a responsive website help you generate more business to mobile users, it will also help your website rank better in Google search results – which, since 2015, have given preference to mobile friendly websites. This alone can significantly improve the amount of organic search traffic you get from the UK’s predominant search engine.

SEO friendly websites

Getting your website to rank highly on Google and other search engines can be technically difficult. On-site SEO requires work at the developer level to ensure, amongst other things, that a website’s scripts load quickly; that it is organised in a way that web crawlers can access all the pages; and that data is structured and marked-up to help the search engine understand the content more clearly.

Sites built using Amazing.Website are created to do this, helping search engines index your pages easily, understand the relevance of your site and its content for the searchers and rank your website higher because it is built to load quickly.

Getting your message out on social media 

Online businesses should never underestimate the power of social media when it comes to creating a brand, building an audience and generating new business. For this reason, sites built using Amazing.Website come with social sharing functionality preinstalled. Visitors can share your content on Facebook, you can display your latest tweets from Twitter or even embed your YouTube promo videos. All of which can be done without any technical skills or the need for coding.

Make your site visually appealing

A website that is not visually appealing can suffer from what is known as a high bounce rate. What this means is that a potential customer lands on your site, is instantly put off by how it looks, and immediately hits the back button.  Even if you have the best content or the best deal online, it doesn’t matter, they have left before they even read a single word.

To help make your site more appealing and to encourage your readers to get down to the important text, our websites come with a built-in image gallery and slider where you can showcase your best visual content and keep your audience engaged. Together with our stunning website templates and responsive designs, you’ll be able to keep your visitors engaged no matter where they are viewing. In addition, we also provide a built-in image editor so you can tweak your visual content to make it even more appealing. What’s more, if you can’t find the image you need, we’ll provide you with access to over 2 million free images to use on your site.

Use the power of the blog

If you are new to online business then you might not fully conceive just how important blogs are in growing your business. By helping solve customers’ problems or showing them how to do things, a blog is an excellent way for you to promote your company as an expert in its field.  A regular, well-written blog can help you build a loyal customer base and can be used to market your new products and services. Getting customers to subscribe to your blog is one the most effective ways to boost your online business.

If you want to harness the power of blogging for your business, our websites come with a blogging tool pre-installed – you just need to write the content and publish.

Get the benefits of cloud hosting

Many established businesses are moving their websites into the cloud because it offers better value for money, improved functionality and speed, increased scope for expansion and tougher security. You’ll be pleased to know that if you use Amazing.Website we’ll host your new site on our high availability cloud network too, giving you the awesome performance of the latest Intel CPUs and superfast SSD storage.

Need more convincing?

If you would like to know more about how to create professional business websites without coding and our highly affordable cloud hosting, visit our Amazing.Website page.


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