Create your own website easily with Build a Website

Create your own website easily with Build a Website

Build a Website

If you do not have the technical experience to create your own website yourself, you’ll want to use a website builder that does the technical work for you. A website builder works in a similar way to an Office program – a Word document contains source code which tells the Office program how to display and present a Word document. With a wide-variety of formatting options available in Office, it’d be inconvenient and time-consuming to understand what the “codes” are to format a Word document yourself so it looks nicely presented.

The same is the case when building a website. You need to understand certain technologies and computer languages to be able to design and build your own website. What a website builder does is bridges this gap – the website builder produces the source code which a website developer would write as you build your website using the website builder. It means anyone and everyone and create their own website; and it’s as fast and easy as using any other software you use every day, such as Office.

So what is “Build a Website”?

As the name implies, Build a Website allows you to build your own website using our simple and intuitive website builder. There is no boringly long how-to guide for you to read – in fact, it takes minutes to get accustomed to the website builder. You’ll realise you are learning even more as you are building your website – it’s that easy.

Is Build a Website suitable for business websites?

Yes it is. All websites on Build a Website are hosted on our reliable and redundant VMware Cloud infrastructure, making Build a Website suitable for business websites and small e-commerce stores. If you later need to upgrade to a more robust environment to cope with increased demand or website traffic, our experienced sales team can work with you to offer a custom solution with the same ease and simplicity as before.

How do I get started with Build a Website?

Build a Website includes everything you need to get going – a website address, an easy to use website builder and website hosting – for one small monthly fee. Once you place an order, our sales team will set up your new account for you to get started. We’ll then e-mail you the login details you’ll need to start building your new website.

Frequently asked questions…

Are there any time-bound contracts that I need to agree to?

Some companies require you to agree to a minimum-term contract. Unlike other providers, we do not require you to stay with us for any longer than you want – like with all of our other products, you can cancel your service with us at any time.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes. We have technicians available 24 x 7 to help you if there is ever a problem which you need to contact us about. While we cannot assist you on building your website or any problems you may have concerning your site’s design or appearance, we’ll do our very best to help you if you need to contact us. You can also get help from others on our community forum.

Do you provide a money back guarantee?

Yes, 30 days as with most of our other products. If you cancel your service within six months, you will not be allowed to use your website address elsewhere unless you pay us for the cost of the domain name at the prices which were current at the time of your order (presently £8.98 or £10, depending on the kind of website address you choose to register with your product).

To find out more about Build a Website, please visit the official product page.

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