Customer service executive.

Customer service executive.

Customer care or Customer service executive ( CSE’s ) is suppose to be a very important person of the company. However unfortunately the people working as CSE’s and many others at times do not understand the responsibilities of the job.

We are here to let everyone reading this know certain things which will help you’ll and will make everyone fall in love with your services.

1.Greet your customers properly : When you communicate or come across your customer
the first thing we do with or before our introduction is greetings. Thus it is very
important to greet the customer properly as it is noticed various times one doesn’t take enough care and does considering it as an obligation. The importance of greeting well is the building up a comfort level between the customer and the CSE. This is always followed
by the introduction of the CSE which again is very important as the customer should
understand the CSE’s introduction well as they are about to discuss and get into a

2. Listen to the customer and acknowledge : When the customer is telling you his/her problem listen carefully to understand and acknowledge as he will be comfortable talking things out and explain his problem well and will be able co-operate which will lead to a satisfactory call.

Always remember a satisfied customers adds in more business by adding more customers and is thus the best medium of advertisement for your business.

3. Explain yourself properly with correct information : While speaking with your customer be reasonably loud as this will make you sound clearer. It is also very important to be confident about what you say as this will make you sound more convincing, however do not sound overconfident, the customer will not be interested in listening to you. Also be honest about what you say, always provide your customers with right information and do not mislead as it is wrong on moral grounds and so is a wrong thing to be practiced.

4.End the conversation by thanking the customer : Always thank the customer before ending the conversation. You can thank him or her for giving you time or listening to you or co-operating or giving you the opportunity be in business and serve to him with the best of your services, etc.

You will notice the difference if you follow the above mentioned points and your customers and your boss will fall in love with you.


Nick C J


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  1. Bob

    It is the art of identifying and understanding customer needs, balancing company interest with customer interest, and delivering satisfaction through a solution to the customers, profits to the business owner and benefits to the customer service representative as well in terms of recognition.

  2. shane


    very well written…indeed…


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