CVC – Content Verification Certificates

CVC – Content Verification Certificates

Content Verification Certificates (CVC) facilitate the verification of “web page content” – this is an essential requirement for trusted e-commerce services that are now being attacked with increasing frequency by ever more convincing web page spoofs and Phishing attempts. CVCs encapsulate and secure brand identity, corporate logos, affiliate logos, trademarks and web content.

CVCs afford providers a fully tested, fully patented protection system. As an X509 compliant certificate type, CVCs are created, distributed, and revoked using proven PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) methods to provide the highest level of security for web page content.

Facilitating the deployment of verified login boxes, verified navigation panes, verified trade marking / branding and verified accreditation/association, CVCs deliver confidence, trust and assurance to billions of online users who have no other methods available to them. The future stability of the Internet as a viable and trusted business system is now being brought into question, and CVCs provide the answer.

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