Cyber Patrol

Cyber Patrol

CyberPatrol is one of the most powerful and popular client-based, browser independent, Internet safety software solutions for Windows-based standalone PCs available today. CyberPatrol 7.6 is designed to help an online generation get the most from the Internet!

Security Features:
* Customized Ready-to-go Filtering: View Screenshot Simple installation and set-up need not take more than a few minutes with Broadband. During set-up CyberPatrol lets you select your Environment and User Type to tailor your ready-to-go filter settings – it’s ideal for the novice user. Fltering settings and additional User Profiles can be quickly created and fine-tuned for each user or groups of users.

* Unlimited User Profiles: Enables you to create as little or as many Profiles as you need.
* User Profile Creation Wizards View Screenshot: Creating a User Profile is even easier with the use of these Wizards, as they lead you through the process step by step.

* Windows User Name Integration View Screenshot: For seamless access to your CyberPatrol User Profile filter settings.

* Override ModeView Screenshot: Active filtering settings can be quickly and easily overridden through the password protected Override Mode button on the HQ Toolbar.

* Instant Override View Screenshot: Password protected or warn only Instant Override option can be offered to users on Blocking Pages.

* Fast User Switching: Windows XP is supported.

* Auto Time-outView Screenshot: A great safety feature that keeps watch over an active User Profile, so when it’s left idle it will switch to the profile.

* Compatibility: CyberPatrol is rigorously tested for compatibility with the most popular applications, the latest being the Blackberry Desktop Manager, Corel WordPerfect Office, and AOL 9 SE.

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