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Data Center Or Central Data Processing | Part 5

Data Center Or Central Data Processing | Part 5

Central Data Processing Equipment:

The minimum core is a network formed Cabinet standard 19 inches off the floor and with a step size 42U drilling compliant IEC-297 (DIN 41494) of the International Commission for the electronics for the installation of components to 19. Door and side panels with key, Lexan door opening greater than 90 °, with lock and key. Rear panel of sheet steel, lockable with key. Removable side panels with lock and key special. Prepared for the installation of more cabinets in series.

Main features:

  • Minimum dimensions: 800 x 800 mm Height: 42U (2080 mm)
  • At least 2 depth adjustable
  • Lexan door complete with lock
  • Side walls with removable lock with special key
  • Rear panel of sheet steel, lockable with key
  • Double line power supply, each fully independent and connected to emergency generator.
  • Copper bar, 1800 mm long for earthing of all equipment installed in the closet, properly fitted
  • Filter ventilation wardrobe that must include the fan 15W, cable, metal grill, outdoor grill, silhouette sticker, mask drill, screws, and support for the filter.
  • Environmental control system with detection of moisture, temperature, flood, smoke, fire and intrusion audible warning and notification via SMTP and TCP / IP and with counter anti-flooding
  • Dual power supply and power short-circuit the first circuit breaker upstream of the rack
  • The reporting of non-availability of service
  • 4 standard closet shelves

The cabinet contains, for example, from top to bottom:

  • The intake fan with filter on
  • The power supply
  • 2U * Void
  • The data and voice panels interspersed with the guides for the cables and rings with the appropriate drive.
  • 1U Empty
  • Machinery Network
  • Permutations of the PBX
  • 4U Voids
  • Central Management Server
  • XU * Excavation positioned with 4 shelves
  • UPS in its lowest position possible.

This cabinet is connected to earth through the bar and not using the dedicated earth connection of the electrical system.

Organization of data and voice panels:
The panels are data and voice those panels where the cables come ctg6 coated LFZH that will come from the structure, the cables are properly plaCentral Data Processing gooseneck on the side of the cabinet and panels must be fitted with patches cord ctg6 coated LFZH to maximize the order and cleanliness in terms of organization also changes later.

In the lower plate are the doors to the outside of the building, the garden and taken to the fiber to the wing of future construction.

The upper plate will be plaCentral Data Processing the doors of the ground floor just below those of the first floor and on top of all the plates of the second floor. In no case should never happen that in a single plate are put on doors on different floors

In each plate is organized strictly in alphabetical order, the door is positioned at the door 1SA5 and 1SA4 first port 1SB1. The doors are plaCentral Data Processing 1Cxxx first port 1Sxxx

Plans are numbered as:
0) ground floor (outdoor environments are no exception and they plan identifier E)
1) First floor
2) Second floor, etc.

Identifiers environment are:

  • Rooms: S + idStanza (eg SA, SB, etc.), where id is the room not only for indoor corridor. The meeting room is a room
  • Corridors: C for the corridors and any other building that is not a room like the gatehouse or reception desk
  • Exterior: E + idPresa for sockets outdoors according to this convention:

0 = fiber
or 1-99 = RJ45 on the perimeter of the building with increasing numbers clockwise starting from the front door of the structure, from top to bottom.
or 100 = number private by not assign
or 101 = RJ45 connectors on the outer perimeter and in the garden

In the corridors and rooms outlets are marked in this way:

  • In the rooms the socket 1 is that, with his back to the front door is on the left, the others are numbered clockwise
  • In the corridors the grip 1 is that giving back to the door of the lift, is located on the left, the others are numbered clockwise, from top to bottom.

For example:

  • 1SA4 is the socket 4 of the room to the first floor (1)
  • 0C6 is the socket 6 in the lobby or corridor of the ground floor
  • E101 is taken closer to the entrance gate in a clockwise
  • E1 is the outlet nearest the entrance of the building, higher clockwise
  • E0 is taken for future fiber optic

Each outlet in bedrooms and hallways must be marked with your ID number that matches the identification number affixed to the respective outlet plate of the cabinet commute to quickly identify any faults or changes to be made.

For labeling of the external sockets should take particular care to ensure that external agents can make labels unreadable, we recommend the use of labels in relief and / or welded.



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