Designing An Attractive Website

Designing An Attractive Website

Designing An Attractive Website

A key challenge is designing a site that & interesting enough to encourage repeat visits. Early text based websites have increasingly been replaced by sophisticated sites that provide text, sound & animation.

An effective websites feature seven design elements which are as follows;

  1. Context- Layout & Design.
  2. Content- Text, Pictures, Sound & Video the site contains.
  3. Community- How the site enables user to user communication.
  4. Customization- Sites ability to tailor itself to different users or to allow users to personalize the site.
  5. Communication- How the site enables site to user, user to site or two way communication.
  6. Connection- Degree that the site is linked to other site.
  7. Commerce- Sites capabilities to enable commercial transactions.

To encourage repeat visits, companies need to pay attention to context & content factors.



  1. A good looking website can help to bring in customers but it has to relate to what your business is advertising and come across in the right manner. For example, if the BBC website had a purple background with yellow text, it would look horrible for a start, but it wouldn’t tie in with the business image. So it is important to get the balance right.

    Having said that however, it is important to remember your website should be memorable. But it should also be user friendly with good navigation, content etc.

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  3. Edward

    Yes, but you need to well manage those users and track the visitors for conversion as good conversion is your ultimate goal.

  4. james

    Websites have to be more powerful and interactive bcoz websites are one of the most cost-efficient and effective tools to attract new customers and develop our business.

  5. Bob

    Most of the site coming these days have latest design with state-of-art intelligence system means more powerful and interactive.

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